The Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Appliances

The Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Appliances

Having the right kind of kitchen appliances makes your time and work in the kitchen quite easy. Kitchen appliances are an integral part of the kitchen, and almost every appliance has its unique use. But when it comes to buying kitchen appliances, many of us feel confused. So if you are planning a kitchen remodeling and looking forward to buying kitchen appliances, this article will be helpful. So let’s go through the guide to know what kitchen appliances you need to keep in your kitchen. After all, the right appliances make your work a lot easier.

  • Stand Mixer

Do you have an ardent love for baking? If so, then having a stand mixer is all you need in your kitchen. Gone are those days when you had to knead the dough all by yourself, making your hands and nails dirty. Starting with mixing the dough, whisking the eggs to making whip cream, a stand mixer does it all. Having a stand mixer in your kitchen ensures that the mixing is done fast and the entire kitchen doesn’t turn out to be messy. All you must do is add everything to the stand mixer bowl and adjust the beater.

  • Hand Mixer

If you want to get a mixer that will be reasonably priced yet help you with your baking, then go for a hand mixer. Several big brands manufacture hand mixers at an affordable price. If you don’t want to mess your kitchen or want to avoid washing the table top after using a whisk to beat the egg, then a hand mixer is your go-to thing. Though, unlike stand mixers, hand mixers don’t quite make your work faster, it does the job. But unlike the stand mixer, the hand mixer doesn’t take up much space and can easily fit in any of your drawers.

  • Air Fryer

Do you want to start living healthy? Avoid oil as much as you can. Well, to help you in this endeavor, ensure all the foods cooked in it use minimum oil. It is only with an air fryer that you can achieve the perfect crispiness of any food with the use of minimum oil. One can easily bake, reheat or roast with an air fryer. You can adjust the temperature of the fryer between 95 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Coffee Grinder

If you are a coffee lover, having a coffee grinder in your kitchen is a must. No doubt there are hundred different brands that sell coffee powder but grinding your own coffee beans has a different taste. When you grind your coffee powder, it gives you the exact flavor and essence you’ve been looking for. There are two types of grinders available in the market, namely the burr grinders and the blade grinders. But if you want uniform grinding, then you should choose burr grinders.

  • Food processor

Has it been a long time since kitchen remodeling? Then instead of spending hundreds of bucks on redesigning your kitchen, buy some useful kitchen appliances. And one among these useful kitchen appliances is the food processor. Food processors are basically blenders, except you don’t have to add any liquid while mixing the things.

Final thought

So here’s the ultimate guide that you need to know when it comes to buying kitchen appliances. But if you are moving into a new home and thinking of kitchen remodeling, you can contact EA Home Design. They help you design the kitchen of your dreams and ensure that they can do so within the given budget.

Top Bathroom Remodeling Designs of 2022

Are you thinking of remodeling and renovating your bathroom? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss the top 2022 bathroom remodeling trends that will give it the makeover it needs.

  1. Merge indoors and outdoors

It is a new concept that is trending, which is to merge your indoors with outdoors for remodeling your bathroom. You can align your bathroom’s architecture, placement, and materials with your surroundings. This way, you will be able to see more timber in your indoors, and you can enhance the decor by adding glass walls to your bathroom.


  1. Adding a wet room

If you want to simplify your bathroom remodeling decor, you can consider adding a wet room that can withstand all kinds of wet conditions, including the shower. You can achieve this by partitioning the dry area from the wet area. The shower, sink, and bath will all be able to fit in one compartment. These rooms will also be easier to clean that way, maximizing the spacing of your floors.

  1. Choose the organic style

Organic style comprises plants, earthy colors, and all-natural materials. This type of bathroom decor started in 2020, and in 2022, it is emerging to be one of the most prominent styles. Therefore, if you are a fan of all things natural, this is just the style you must go for.

  1. Touchless faucets and modern sinks

Changing a faucet can improve the look of your bathroom in an instant. Since washing hands has become an important part of personal hygiene since the pandemic, people are switching out on old models of sinks. That is why most people are not shifting to touchless faucets. These faucets are now turning into modern sinks and are just the upgrade we are all waiting for.

  1. Marvel with marble

When you add marble to your bathroom, it quickly gives off a feeling of luxury. Classic white marble can go well with gold and gray color tones, while black marble can give your bathroom a contemporary and sleek finish. So, the next time your guests come over, they will marvel at your bathroom decor’s elegance.

  1. Go Bold with your wallpaper

Wallpapers can transform any room’s beauty, which holds true when it comes to bathrooms. You can have the liberty to choose romantic floral patterns and tropical themes for your bathroom. In addition, you can opt for vinyl wallpapers because they are resistant to humidity and moisture. If you have a large bathroom, you can go for a large-scale pattern or print. For a small space, you can select a corner of your bathroom or a singular wall to add wallpaper and to make it look large.

We have discussed the top remodeling ideas for your bathroom. If you want to merge the indoor of your bathroom with its surroundings, you can opt for glass walls. At the same time, for your bathroom remodeling, you can consider adding a wet room and partitioning it from the dry one. Marble in your bathroom can make it look elegant. In addition, adding bold wallpaper can enhance the appearance of your bathroom. You can also update your existing sink by going for touchless faucets. Lastly, organic styles have been the new trend that you can try.

Eahomedesign is a website where you can explore more trendy remodeling designs for your bathroom. This will help you give your bathroom a modern and classy appeal.

The Best Tiles For Your Kitchen Floors

Thinking of kitchen remodeling? Well, the best way to do this is to change by changing the tiles on your kitchen floor. People who love to cook spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen. But one thing that they hate the most is cleaning the tiles after cooking. Most of the time, even after repeated scrubbing, the food stains don’t leave the tiles, thus making them look dirty. So what kind of tiles should you choose that’ll not only change the look of your kitchen but will be easier for you to clean? This article will talk about some of the best tiles that you can choose for your kitchen floors.

  • Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are one of the most commonly used tiles for wet places such as kitchens and bathrooms. Most people go for ceramic tiles as not only are they cost-effective but also hypoallergenic. As a result, doesn’t collect any allergens and dust, thus keeping your kitchen hygienic. Ceramic tiles come in different patterns and colors, thus giving you a variety of options to choose from. But unlike other materials, ceramic is colder underfoot, so it’s advisable that you wear slippers during winters to avoid getting cold feet.

  • Vinyl

If you want a kitchen design that will save you money and be durable, then vinyl tiles are the best. Vinyl tiles are a great substitute for hardwood and don’t leave stains or watermarks. Compared to other materials, vinyl tiles are quite low maintenance and are quite hassle-free when it comes to installation. But you’ve to ensure that you don’t use heavy-duty cleaning supplies to clean the vinyl floors regularly, or they might end up damaged.

  • Concrete

If you want a sturdy kitchen floor, you can go for concrete. They are one of the most inexpensive ways of redesigning your kitchen flooring. Concrete kitchen flooring can be used as a part of the modern aesthetic.

  • Porcelain

If you live in high-traffic areas, then porcelain kitchen flooring would be a better option as they are quite tough. You can also go for unglazed porcelain flooring if you want to hide any kind of wear or scratches. Unlike many other kitchen flooring materials, porcelain is difficult to install. But being water resistant, it makes an excellent flooring choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Travertine title

Do you want to choose an eco-friendly option for your kitchen flooring? If so, then you can easily choose travertine titles. This material is a type of limestone and adds a rustic look to your kitchen flooring. Travertine tiles are a high-end luxury material, and if maintained properly, it can retain the same charm for decades. Unlike other flooring materials, travertine titles are completely biodegradable and used in their natural form. The cost of installing travertine tiles falls somewhere around installing ceramic and porcelain kitchen flooring.

  • Marble

If you want to spend a hefty amount for your kitchen flooring, then marble flooring is the best option. However, marble is a luxurious option for kitchen flooring but is susceptible to stains and scratches. Even though marbles are waterproof, you’ve to be careful if the floor is wet as it gets slippery.

So, to sum up, these are some of the best tiles for kitchen flooring. If you’re thinking of kitchen remodeling, you should contact EA Home Design. They are one of the top-notch remodeling companies in Virginia. The EA Home Design team ensures that you get the kitchen floor of your dreams.

Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Home

Who doesn’t enjoy a warm bath after a long hectic day? Don’t we all dream of a luxurious bathroom with a big hot tub or a large spa space? Since not all home spaces are the same, having the bathroom of your dreams becomes difficult. But what if you could do something to change that small cubical of a bathroom of yours? This article will talk about a few design ideas that could change that boring bathroom of yours. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out these bathroom design ideas soon.

  • Go for Bathroom Art

Who said art pieces could only elevate the beauty of your rooms? If you want to go for bathroom remodeling, you can use these art pieces too. Having art pieces in your bathroom gives an edge to your mundane bathroom and makes it look more curated. Instead of going through big art pieces, you can go for subtle picture frames that match your bathroom décor.

  • Add a little Wood

Wooden fittings are known to give a royal touch to things. So one of the basic design ideas you can go for is adding wooden cabinets to your bathroom. The wooden cabinets will serve as a more durable storage option and look aesthetically pleasing.

  • Add Showers

Gone are the days when people used to fit a conventional shower head in the bathroom. These days there are a variety of shower faucets to choose from. So you can choose from a sports-style directional shower or plate-style head to enjoy your shower time. It’s better if you buy quality showers as it ensures the durability of the shower.

  • Use Textured Tiles

Most bathrooms are either light colored or covered with quite basic textures. But if you want to design your bathroom, then you can start by choosing textured tiles for your bathroom. Textured and bright colored tiles not only light up the mundane bathroom but also give a visual luxury effect.

  • Light it up

We all know proper lighting can enhance the design of any space, and your bathroom is no exception. Instead of using the same old bulb or LED tube light for your bathroom, you can change it to something different. You can go for mood lighting or waterproof lighting for your bathroom. After all, a proper set of lights can change the entire ambiance of the bathroom.

  • Install a Sauna

The best way to redesign your bathroom is by installing a sauna. Instead of installing a bathtub, a sauna would look quite luxurious in your bathroom. Having a sauna in your bathroom helps you to relax after a long tiring day. So instead of spending hundreds of bucks at saunas and spas, it’s better if you install one in your bathroom.

These are some of the bathroom remodeling ideas that you can easily follow. Apart from this, you have to remember that nothing will matter if you don’t clean your bathroom regularly. If you don’t have time or can’t manage to keep your bathroom clean, you can always call for professionals. EA Home Design is one of the most renowned remodeling companies in Virginia.

Apart from remodeling your houses or kitchen, they also have expertise in redesigning bathrooms. The talented redesigning team has accomplished hundreds of projects and has thousands of satisfied customers. They can remodel your mundane bathroom and turn it into the most luxurious space in your house. You can go through their catalogs to select the kind of design or remodeling you want for your bathroom.

Kitchen Cabinets Buying Guide

Cabinets are an integral part of any kitchen, so it’s advised that before selecting the cabinets, you go through a buying guide. A buying guide helps you understand what things to keep in mind while buying cabinets for kitchen remodeling. Many might think buying and installing kitchen cabinets would cost them a fortune, but that’s not true. You can have your cabinets installed within your budget, provided you follow the buying guide.

This article will walk you through some of the important things that you must keep in mind while buying kitchen cabinets. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Frame or Frameless

One of the primary things you should remember while buying kitchen cabinets is whether you want framed or frameless ones. Most people go for framed cabinets as it provides sturdiness and strength to the entire structure. But if you want to go for a sleek design, then frameless cabinets are the best. In the case of frameless cabinets, the drawer glides are directly attached to the box.

  • Stock or Custom or Semi-Custom

There are three types of cabinets available, i.e., stock cabinets, custom cabinets, and semi-custom cabinets. If you want a fully assembled cabinet within an affordable range, then stock cabinets are the right option. If you’re looking for a cabinet that can be customized according to your needs/requirements, then custom and semi-custom cabinets are the best. Semi-custom and custom cabinets are comparatively more expensive than stock cabinets.

  • Material Options

Another essential thing that one must bear in mind when ordering a kitchen cabinet is its material. Cabinets not only enhance your kitchen design but serve as a wonderful storage facility. Cabinet boxes are generally made of five different materials, namely plywood, high-density fiberboard, medium-density fiberboard, particleboard, and solid wood. Most people choose plywood material for their kitchen cabinets. But you can choose from other varieties of materials. If you want a royal touch and robust touch, you can go for solid wooden cabinets.

  • Sizes

Cabinets come in all shapes and sizes. It depends on your kitchen space and what size of cabinets you want for your kitchen. Most manufacturers have wall cabinets and stock bases in widths ranging from nine to forty-eight inches. The heights of upper cabinets over the sink range from 12, 18, and 24 inches. If you want tall cabinets, they are generally made of heights 84, 90, and 96 inches.

  • Cabinet Accessories

If you want to enjoy your stay in the kitchen, you can go for the various cabinet accessories. Add-ons like tip-out trays allow you to use the false drawers as a medium of storage space. You can also install a plate holder that will allow you to keep your kitchen shelf clean. Rosettes and plinth blocks add a glamorous touch to your kitchen cabinet.


  • Color and Finishes

How do you want your kitchen cabinet to be? Would you go for unfinished cabinets, which would give your kitchen a rustic feel, or want to go for stained cabinets to follow the trend? You can choose from the various colors and finish designs and go for the one that matches your home décor.

If you are wondering which remodeling company you should hire for kitchen remodeling, you should go for EA Home Design. They are one of the well-known remodeling companies in Virginia. Apart from remodeling your houses, they also have expertise in redesigning your kitchen. The efficient team of EA Home Design ensures that you get the kitchen of your dreams.

Common Bathroom Remodeling Misconceptions

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, there are many myths associated with it. And it is due to these misconceptions that most people, even though they want bathroom redesigning, don’t go for one. In this article, we’ll talk about various bathroom remodel misconceptions that help you avoid them when you hear them. So without wasting much time, let’s go ahead and read the following article.

  • You don’t need Ventilation in Bathrooms

One of the most common misconceptions that most people have is that there’s no need for ventilation in bathrooms. This is entirely wrong. Many often argue that bathroom windows and ventilations do the same work. So there’s no need to install ventilation in the bathroom. That’s an utter misconception that people have regarding ventilation in the bathroom. Windows allow ventilation, but using vent fans ensures that the moisture from the bathroom is removed. As a result, this prevents mold growth in your bathrooms. So don’t think twice before installing vent fans in your bathrooms.

  • You need a Bigger Bathroom

When someone hears the term bathroom remodeling, the first thing that comes to mind is a big spacious bathroom. We all have seen advertisements for big luxurious bathrooms with big tubs. So, when we think of renovations, that’s the first thought that comes to mind. But that’s a misconception. You need to have bigger bathrooms; even a small/medium bathroom can be arranged in a spacious way. With the right design and layout, you can turn your small/medium-sized bathroom comfortable and spacious.

  • Bathroom remodels do not add value to the home

Another common misconception about bathroom remodeling is that it doesn’t add to the value of your home. But that’s not true! People who buy houses look for a good bathroom, which adds value to the house. Even if the house is good, but the bathroom turns out to be clumsy, there’s a high chance that the house can’t be sold at the maximum value. So you can remodel your bathroom without worrying about the value it adds to your house.

  • Need a Big Budget

Remodeling is a huge investment, no doubt but the fact that bathroom renovation requires a big budget is a misconception. You might have a small budget, yet you can give your bathroom a new classy look. Many remodeling agencies provide you with extraordinary bathroom design ideas within your budget. After all, as they say, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’

  • You must have a but tub

Having a bath tub in your bathroom that’ll help you relax after a tiring day is undoubtedly the best thing. But having a tub isn’t mandatory. If you have a small-sized bathroom, you don’t need to tear down the entire bathroom just to fit a tub. There are different kinds of showers available in the market you can easily choose one of your choices. Or you can turn your small bathroom into a mini sauna. After all, there are different ways by which one can easily enjoy one’s bath.

To sum up, these are some misconceptions that many people have regarding bathroom remodeling. But if you have the right remodeling agency by your side, everything turns out to be easy. EA Home Design in Virginia is the leading remodeling agency. They specialize not only in house remodeling but also kitchen and bathroom redesigning. You can go through their gallery and check out their previous works for various clients.

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