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There’s no way you’ll be motivated to cook in a kitchen that emits vibes of the olden days with unkempt walls and vintage appliances that always burn your cake and overcook the fish. This means that your kitchen is in serious need of some renovations.

Without emptying out your pocket, we at EA Home Designs, are experts in remodeling. So, whether you have been struggling to get some elbow space in your kitchen, or have small storage spaces, we know how to make the most of your kitchen’s capacity and give you maximum space to work with!

However, first, you need to realize that your kitchen in Dulles requires some major renovations. So how do you recognize that?

When’s the time to renovate your kitchen in Dulles?

When people are fond of cooking delicious food, their favorite space in their home is usually the kitchen. However, it can just as easily become their least favorite if it doesn’t offer them the satisfaction and space that all cooks need. So, these are some signs that you have to look for if you think your kitchen would look even better with remodeling!

– Outdated Appliances

Does your kitchen still shows-off the charm of the 90s with those oversized ovens that take up all the storage space that you could’ve had? Well, this is a very obvious sign that your kitchen does require some redecoration.
Send the 90’s appliances back and embrace the new and improved models of the oven and dishwashers that make your kitchen streamlined and offer you a lot of space that was first taken by the old technology!

– Not Enough Space

Clutter and the kitchen go hand in hand, there is no way around it. No matter how many times you try to clean up your kitchen, if there isn’t enough space, there’s no use in decluttering because everything is going to end up messed up again.

If you want to make space in your Dulles kitchen, it is imperative that you think about remodeling it. Just think about the last time you remodeled your kitchen, and how good the technology and design are now. If you want to revamp your space with the trendiest stuff, you definitely need to give a thought to kitchen renovations.

– Molds and Leaks

Have you been noticing a musty odor in your kitchen or hearing a light tickle somewhere, well, that definitely indicates that your kitchen is suffering from a case of molds and leaks that need immediate attention from you and the plumbing experts.

This state of your kitchen should compel you towards a kitchen remodel and bring in sleek designs that keep you away from any of these situations that will make your kitchen an unpleasant place to spend the majority of your day.

– Poor Lighting

Food is an art and to create masterpieces, you need good lighting. And when it comes to food, the lighting works as the factor that sets up the mood and ambiance of the space.

Not only is it easier to prepare food with good lighting, but you are also attracted towards eating good food when you can see the amazing selling spices and sweets that have been prepared. Therefore, collaborate with the designers at EA Home Designs and bring beautiful lighting to your kitchen space in Dulles.

– Wrecked Cabinetry
Are your cabinet doors ready to fall off or give you a headache with the squeaks every time you open or close them? Well, that’s an indication right there that you’re in need of major renovations! Connect with the people at EA Home Design and take advantage of some contemporary cabinetry or make the most of custom-made pieces!

The Team at EA Home Design

Our team at EA Home Design is full of Design experts who know how to guide you each step of the way from a demo of your kitchen to the last installation and decoration. Just, tell us your inspirations and design ideas, and our professionals will incorporate each design into your beautiful kitchen in Dulles!

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