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EA Home Design has a well-renowned team of remodeling experts who bring kitchens, bathrooms, and entire homes back to life with the most beautiful renovations. A kitchen is one of the most important parts of a house, if it’s not constructed with perfection, your heart’s never there.

A kitchen is more than a stunning countertop and eye-catching backsplash. When you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen out of the old cramped-up space, you have to think about many things simultaneously to make it stylish as well as functional in all aspects.

We have experts at your disposal who consider all your ideas when taking up the job of remodeling your kitchen. So, today, let us tell you some tips that you should follow before you remodel your kitchen in Burke!

Successful Kitchen Renovation in Burke with These Tricks

Your kitchen should be the welcoming space in your home that brings you the utmost comfort. So, if you want to want to bring that as well as functionality to your ancient kitchen with planned renovations then these will help you a lot!

Plan an Accessible Kitchen in Burke

Your home is a space for each person to feel comfortable. When you’re planning your kitchen, think of ease and access for everyone. A ground-floor kitchen that integrates the drawers, shelves, and electronics at an accessible-height with wide walkways allows everyone to safely enter the kitchen.

Whether a person is on foot, in a wheelchair, or on a walker, everyone should be able to go in. so, let the team at EA home design know about your accessible ideas and we’ll come up with the best kitchen renovation plan for you!

Incorporate Technology to Bring Ease

In this busy life, it is important to bring convenience to your hectic schedule and technology does just that! Whether you’re incorporating smart taps, or installing a contemporary oven, all technology brings ease to your kitchen life.

With appliances at your home, cooking delicious food becomes quite easy and quick. So, if you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen in Burke, it’s high time to consider adding tech to your home to make your life effortless.

Accommodate Space for more than One Person

Even though most of the time at home, there’s only one-person cooking, but when you have people over, it’s better to have enough space for two people to walk around. Otherwise, your kitchen looks very cramped up.

When you’re planning the pathways of your kitchen, remember that the pathways throughout the kitchen should be about 36 inches wide, and in the cooking zone, for one person to cook it should be 42 inches wide. However, if you’d like a two-person cooking area, make sure it’s 48 inches wide!

Integrate Sustainable Ideas

With the pollution in the world, the one room in a house should incorporate as much sustainability as possible in the kitchen. From buying energy-efficient tech and investing in recycling to buying long-lasting cookware and adding eco-friendly paint, you should go above and beyond.

When you’re planning the kitchen remodeling, this should be integrated into your plan of attack because when it’s in the planning phase, it’s easy to work with when the kitchen is ready to use!

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