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    About us

    About Us

    We are family of experts, experienced architects, and creative artisans; who are passionate to turn your inspiration to an incredible experience.

    Your Idea is Our Passion, that’s how we got here.

    We have a rich and inspiring history of 20 years, working as a remodeling company and turning dreams into reality. Our team of professionals has skills to build each idea with great care and responsibility to depict the expert craftsmanship; which translates your dream to the reality of your home.
    In past decade we have delivered each custom design with such a precision to turn each project a masterpiece of home living.


    Amazing team with international recognition

    Bachelor of art in Graphic Design from Corcoran College of Art (George Washington university) in 2011.
    Interior Designer & Photographer
    Elnaz Asemani

    Elnaz Asemani

    Design & Sales Manager Masters in Civil engineering. Waypoint cabinetry award designer of 2016
    Design & Sales Manager
    Ali Meshksar

    Ali Meshksar

    Architect PhD candidate in Architecture.With 10 years of experience in home improvement.
    Ameneh Amirhakimi

    Ameneh Amirhakimi

    Project Manager & Flooring Specialist With 20 years of successful experience in home improvement
    Project Manager & Flooring Specialist
    Kevin Kamali

    Kevin Kamali

    A Cup of coffee on the discussion table

    We prefer to give each client individual attention and time to understand the best of their requirements and for this purpose, we joyfully plan an appointment at our office to filter out every little detail.


    We are best known for our innovative custom designs which are on top to excite our clients for presenting their actual requirements for a project. In 2016 we won the best kitchen design award in “Remodel Contest” of Waypoint manufacturer nationwide.


    We have dedicated teams for each project from start to end to have consistency in work with professional project managers who are skilled to meet the deadline and lead our crew family in the right direction. Our teams are trained to keep the workplace neat and tidy while leaving to save your hassle and time.


    One of our main specialties is the use of proven quality material made by reputable companies. We supply Domestic and Canadian cabinetry for our projects which are proven to have a lifetime warranty. Quality is our style and we present it at our best for your home.

    It’s great that we know each other now.

    Our Recent Projects

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