Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom isn’t just a small space where you visit out of necessity. The existing home remodeling trends call for more. Your bathroom plays a critical role in your daily life comfort. Is your bathroom still that old-fashioned, tiny space inside the bedroom? You not only need our team to expand it but also revamp it, giving it a new look of elegance and comfort. At EA Home Design, our professionals are committed to offering you Virginia bathroom remodeling services.

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A Better Bathroom Remodel in Virginia

Does your bathroom feel less functional? Or perhaps, you want to upgrade your bathroom as a whole? Fortunately, your search for an expert bathroom remodeling in Virginia ends here. EA Home Design is the trusted choice for Virginia residents when they are in need of getting their bathrooms renovated.

EA Home Design has one of the most experienced and award-winning teams that goes beyond expectations to satisfy our clients.

  • Installing beautiful flooring.
  • Installing space-saving cabinets.
  • Replacing and upgrading faucets.
  • Upgrading wall and floor tile for shower.
  • New lighting, fixtures, bathtub, vanity, and more.
  • Installing a frameless glass shower for your bathroom.

Your Upgraded Bathroom in 5 Simple Steps

Bathroom re-design or renovation might be costly for you. However, it is worth the investment enabling you to have a stylish, classic and functional bathroom eventually. Make sure to get in touch with a trusted and expert bathroom remodeling service in Virginia for optimal outputs.

EA Home Design have all the essential and innovative tools to complete your project in no time. Equipped with industry knowledge and having vast experience under our belt, we are all well capable of renovating your bathroom that you will love.

1. Initial Consultation

What makes our work matchless is our detailed-centric approach when working on a project. Our experts will get in touch with you to understand your requirements, learn about your lifestyle and assess what you want your bathroom to look like ultimately.

2.  Presentation

Once we are done finalizing everything about your project including material, products, and electric equipment, we will present you some draft or drawing with an estimate for the work. At this stage, both parties will be on the same page on how to deliver the work, when will the completion of the project expected, what is the budget, and more.

3. Arranging Essential Products

Team EA Home Design will help you arrange essential items and products for your bathroom remodeling work. With the help of our connections and expertise, we will arrange quality, durable and functional products for your project.

4. Demolition

After arranging every important item, we will start demolishing your old bathroom to transform it into the new one.

5.  Installation

Finally, we will start installing updated items to your bathroom to make it more beautiful, functional and stylish. During the whole process, our team will ensure that the process can be carried out smoothly. After installation, we will make sure that all the products meet standards and quality for better usage. Time to get your desired space.

Expert Bathroom Remodeling at Your Door in Virginia

Homeowners demand that their renovated bathrooms provide them with a gorgeous, functional, and comfortable environment. EA Home Design work according to your preferences likes and dislikes to ensure that our work reflects what you had in mind.

  • Entertain in style.
  • Upgrade your living space.
  • Increase your home’s value.
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Jessica Wadlow

“ Ali and Kevin remodeled our kitchen this past summer and we were absolutely thrilled with the end result but also the entire process. They designed a beautiful, yet very functional, kitchen for us. They truly transformed the space! They provided their expert advise as we chose the materials and aligned to the final design. They stuck to a timetable for the project and hit all the key milestones as promised. Remarkably, they completed the project in 5 weeks - from tear down to a fully functioning kitchen. I couldn't believe how quickly they transformed the space. The workers that they hired were very professional - putting in long days with the highest quality work. They contracted with the same workers so we have consistency on the project. We had worked with other firms in the past for other remodeling projects and were always left frustrated and underwhelm - this was not the case with EA Home Design. I highly recommend them to all of our friends and neighbors, especially when they come into our new kitchen and are absolutely wowwed by the final product. Thank you Kevin and Ali!!!! “

D. B.

Absolutely exceptional! The work that EA Home Design team completed in our home is incredible. Our bathrooms & custom master closet are exactly what we dreamed of and EA Home Design made it happen! We're extremely pleased. We were set to sign with another designer before a realtor friend recommended EA Home Design to us. During our consultation, our expectations were met and more. We signed immediately and began quickly getting started. Our home had the original 1970's style bathrooms that weren't functional. The master was so incredibly small that I often joked about being able to lean my head onto the wall from the toilet. Different from other companies we sought out, EA Home Design approached every aspect of our complicated project with optimism, enthusiasm, & a luxury custom design. We were able to live comfortably through the renovations while watching and providing personal touches throughout the progress. The level of detail and precision applied was well worth our investment. Take a look at our photos! We can't wait to get started on our kitchen! Thank you EA Home Design for your vision.

Joni Alfreda

My husband and I interviewed several contractors to do remodeling for two bathrooms and new flooring for our dining room and living room.They were all out of our price range and they all seemed cold and distant. Fortunately we found EA Home Designs.What a profound experience! Kevin and Ali explained everything that would happen step by step and also did the work in the time frame that they quoted.They also outbid the other contractors by one half.Kevin and Ali oversaw every project being being done and always had a kind and caring attitude.Their work was a stellar performance.Could not have asked for a better experience.EA Home Designs are highly recommended.

Ron and Tera Zarou

My husband and I have done 2 kitchen remodels with EA Home Design and have seen their work in many other bathroom and kitchen remodels of several friends of ours. Their work is amazing . They have a refreshing work ethic that is hard to find. They handle everything from the inception from design to completed remodel. They have wonderful ideas and products. If and when a problem may occur they always have a solution . When Ali and Kevin give you their word there is no need to worry they keep it. If you want great service , product and end results you have only to call Ali at EA Home Design. Ron and Tera Zarou Sterling VA

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