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Have you bought an old home in Haymarket with an ancient floor plan or are you renovating your home and want to plan a brand new layout for your kitchen? There are many designs that you can look into. However, the size of your kitchen matters the most.

A floor plan is one of the most important first steps, you get it wrong, you’ll regret it for a long time because every time you enter the kitchen, you’ll be stepping into the faulty floor plan. So, before you select the one that suits your kitchen, you should look at all the options that you have!

Some Common Haymarket Kitchen Floor Plans and Layouts

When planning the kitchen layout, you’ll have to designate places for all the features, therefore, you need a well-defined floor plan. From refrigerator and oven to sinks and cabinets, everything needs to be incorporated, so here are a few common designs that you can try in your Haymarket kitchen!

Single Wall Kitchen

With a straight layout, a Single-Walled kitchen has every kitchen feature incorporated into one single wall. Most popularly, there is a sink in the middle with cabinetry on both sides and the stovetop and refrigerator on each side.

These single-wall kitchens are perfect for homes with limited space like condos or apartments. This is also a great option for people who like to combine their kitchen area with an entertainment unit and spend time with guests in the same space as the kitchen. It opens up your home and doesn’t give the look of a cramped-up space.

Peninsula and Island Kitchen

Island and peninsulas give you additional space in the kitchen. An island in the middle of your kitchen provides you with an open concept, whereas a peninsula gives you an island feel as well. Not only is this extra surface space for you but you can also entertain in this space. From having breakfast with your family to having friends sit close to you while you cook, an island kitchen would be a perfect choice for your home in Haymarket!

L-Shaped Haymarket Kitchen

An L-shaped kitchen is designed on two perpendicular walls that make an L-shaped space. It’s one of the most popular home designs in Haymarket as it perfectly distances the stove and the refrigerator.

It also provides an open concept and creates the perfect kitchen work triangle, that’s an old design concept that states that the main elements in the kitchen that is the sink, stove, and refrigerator make the perfect triangle. This design is popular because it makes your kitchen in Haymarket flow seamlessly!

U-Shaped Haymarket Kitchen

If you can allot three walls to your kitchen during your renovation project, then consider a U-shaped kitchen that will not only provide you with ample storage and surface space, but more than one person can easily work in the ample space.

This spacious kitchen design can also sometimes incorporate an island in the middle, but if you are short on space, then the U-shaped kitchen will give you more than enough working space.

Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens are an older design, where the kitchen is divided between two opposite walls. This design was invented in the old days when your kitchen used to be a separate space from your house and tucked in a corner.

The appliances are incorporated into the opposite walls and make a two-walled galley kitchen. This is quite popular in Haymarket and can be found in most houses.

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