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The kitchen is the heart of a home, and where most people spend their time, cooking and eating the most delicious food. This is why it should be modeled according to each cook’s preference! However, if you’ve moved into a pre-made house and don’t like the kitchen design, then cooking can seem like a chore.

Though kitchen remodeling can be a hassle, you can trust EA home design to help you create the perfect kitchen in Norfolk for you. all you need is a remodeling job and you will have the kitchen of your dreams!

From consulting about your preferences to designing your kitchen and completing the renovations on time, our team is full of experts that know how to keep you happy.

How we Work in Norfolk

When it comes to renovating Norfolk kitchens, our client’s inclination in all design elements is our number one priority. All you have to do is tell us your ideas and sit back and relax as your beautiful kitchen is remade. Therefore, this is our work process:

•  Getting Ideas and Communicating with the Client

We go for in-home consultations, which provide us with a look at what we are working with from the beginning. The clients show us their kitchen and relay the ideas in their minds about their kitchen to our expert team.
We discuss different ideas and share designs that would make the space more beautiful and modern. From cabinetry to countertops and flooring, we communicate each and every aspect they would like to change about the space.

•  Designing the Kitchen of Your Dreams

After the in-home consultations, our creative designers come up with different designs that suit our client’s kitchen. As it’s going to be a renovation, we cannot design the floor plan of the kitchen, we have to work with the existing floor plan; therefore, we decide how everything comes together when we decide on the existing elements like the cabinets, stoves, counters, and many other design aspects.
After coming up with the designs, we schedule design reviews with the clients and ask them about their opinions.

•  Welcoming Clients to Review and Make Any Changes

Clients are welcome to pick apart the designs and make any changes that they desire. However, we also put forward the reasons we picked out the plan that we did. The creative team pitches their ideas to the customers and they review them.

After the review process, we make all the relevant changes that the client asks and then we get started on the process of renovations.

•  Estimating and Contract Signing

Before EA Design starts the demolitions though, we first estimate the time, cost, and materials required in the remodeling and set up a contract with the client. As renovations take time, we put up an estimated time that we’ll take from demolitions to completing the kitchen.

This estimation not only tells the client the number of renovations and the time that they’re allowed back, but it also helps us in many ways. Keeping up with a deadline allows us to stay on track with the remodeling and knowing the material we are going to need, mitigates the planning and ordering time.

•  Ordering Everything Necessary

As we have everything planned, we know what design themes and elements, we’re going to add to the new kitchen in Norfolk, so, it’s easier to order everything at once!

We order all of the features required in the kitchen and as they arrive we start working on the renovations.

•  Bringing the Beautiful Kitchen to Life

First comes the demolition that we conduct on your kitchen and then comes the rebuilding. Taking every design detail into consideration, we build the kitchen of your dreams.

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