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As one of the most important parts of a house, kitchen renovations are a big deal. People tend to spend the majority of their time in the kitchen, therefore, it should be decorated and styled the way you want it.

If you have a bland kitchen or one that is cramped up with no space, you’ll be very demotivated to work in there.  Some features in a kitchen are a must, such as space to work in, a lot of storage space, and top-of-the-line appliances. So, if your kitchen is lacking these, it is high time you think about remodeling it and turning it into the kitchen that you have been dreaming of!

Here, at EA Home Design, we have teams of expert designers and contractors who treat your home like their own and bring your imagination to life.

The Process of Our Work in your Kitchen in Clifton

Our team is dedicated and precise in what we do, with passion, we remodel every house to perfection and keep the design ideas and imagination of our clients in mind. We work in steps to achieve our goals, therefore, from the start to finish, our work looks like this:

–  In-Home Consultation

The first step in the whole process is an in-home consultation. We look over what we are working with, the client asks all the questions about the project and we ask them about their plans and ideas about the space.

–  Design

After that, we take the next step and our designers take over the designing process. Incorporating the ideas that our client shared, we come up with an improved design for their kitchen.

–  Design Review

We schedule a design review and ask the client about their opinion about the design. If they like it, we move forward to the next step. If they want some changes, they tell us right there and our designers make all the necessary adjustments.

–  Estimations

The next step in the process is estimating the materials and cost needed to take on the project and seeing it till the end. We estimate the cost beforehand and help the client understand every small procedure.

–  Meeting at the Client’s House

After that, we meet up at the client’s house and confirm all of our estimations. If everything is good, we move on to the next step.

–  Drafting Up the Contract

After the estimations and meetings, a contract is set into place between us and the client, stating all of their expectations and our duties. Both of the parties sign it and then move forward with the work.

–  Ordering and Scheduling

When the contract is signed, the real work on our side begins. The first thing, however, is to order all the materials required and schedule the exact date that everything should arrive.

–  Beginning the Project

When everything arrives and is ready to set up, we take over the client’s house and transform their kitchen in Clifton, into one that they would love!

Bringing Innovation to Your Kitchen in Clifton

Updates are a constant in this world and when you bring innovation to your home, life becomes easier with every improved aspect. At EA Home Design, we are passionate about bringing good changes into your life, and with every renovation, we believe, that you’ll be able to start over feeling rejuvenated after seeing the sparkling new and improved spaces!

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