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Sometimes your kitchen is close to perfect, however, some renovations and additions can make it absolutely perfect and turn it into your dream kitchen. If you’re planning to add some changes to your Purcellville kitchen, then connect with our team at EA Home Design and get some expert advice on adding some fitting improvements!

Here are some ideas for you to try:

Narrow Pull-Out Spice Drawer

If you want to make cooking easier, sneak in a narrow cabinet drawer beside your stove-top and store all your spices in there. After that experience as you’ll never have to run throughout the kitchen to look for spices, everything will be right at your side!

The slim feature of this drawer also allows you to make use of the extra space between your cabinets and appliances. This storage space is built with divided sections for containing utensils, storage jars, and spice jars. The shelves also have guards that keep the spices from falling off.

Built-in Appliances in Your Purcellville kitchen

Do you think your appliances look too in the face? You can opt to get a kitchen renovation and make them streamlined with the rest of your kitchen features by making them built-in. From refrigerators to ovens, you can integrate all your appliances with your cabinets.

The refrigerator is nestled inside custom cabinetry frames and either has a similar cabinet-like door or you can add metal feature doors similar to your stove and hood style range. This way, you get a smooth, incorporated look that perfects the flow of your kitchen. At EA Home Design, the experts know how to incorporate all our appliances without making them obvious. Contact our team and get amazing ideas!

Streamlined Faucets

When you’re looking at options for faucets during the planning stage of your kitchen renovations, you encounter myriads of designs and styles. Consider the size of your sink, remember the color and aesthetics of your kitchen and then decide on the faucets and other features.

From silver and brass to gold or copper, you have multiple color options for your faucets. Just make sure that they give a cohesive look to your cabinetry and hardware and have similar design elements. With the help of EA Home Design experts, you’ll know just what to add to your brand new kitchen!

Ample Lighting in Your Purcellville Kitchen

Lighting is one of the most important elements in a kitchen. Because without proper lighting, you cannot cook in it. Adding layers of lighting is the way to go. Multiple recess lighting can fill the room, and pendant lighting can provide fashion. In order to have lights while doing kitchen tasks, consider adding about counter and island lights.

Natural lighting also does wonders, adding windows where possible can light up your kitchen. When you’re adding windows, you visually open up the space, giving it a lighter, more appealing look!

Induction Cooktops

Induction stove tops are a lifesaver for people living in small kitchens, with small children, or in hot climates. They transfer heat to cooking ware through the concept of the magnetic field. This way, the heat that spreads throughout the house with gas or electric stoves is nowhere to be seen.

This cooktop never gets hot to the touch. They are also energy efficient and effortless to clean, making them popular day by day.

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