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As the heart of the home, your kitchen in Potomac Falls is the most used place in your house. It is the place where tons of memories are made, where a family comes together to spend time together, eating their favorite meals, and where you teach your children how to bake cookies. However, when the style of your kitchen doesn’t allow you the comfort of making these memories, it becomes the worst space. In a home.

So, when you spent the least time in your kitchen, you know it’s time to refurbish it and give it a new look! But how do you know that your kitchen is getting old and you need to renovate it? Here are some things for you to notice.

Things to Know Before You Start Remodeling Your Potomac Falls Kitchen

At EA Home Design, we have designers who assess the state of your kitchen and tell you where you need to upgrade it. Let’s tell you some points to observe on your own and evaluate if you need a renovation in your kitchen!

Examine Your Surfaces and Fixtures

Your fixtures and surfaces are the main attention of your kitchen, when they become outdated, you need to upgrade them. After a time, fixtures start corroding and leaking, this is a sure sign they need replacing.

Surfaces like the island and wall sometimes start accumulating salt, which gives rise to salination. This is also a sign that your kitchen requires some major renovations. Even changing these fixtures and countertops and other surfaces can give a whole new look to your kitchen!

The Floor Plan and Flow of Your Kitchen in Potomac Falls

Sometimes, when the floor plan of your kitchen is ancient, it damages the flow of your kitchen. This makes working in the kitchen quite awful. You need a space where you can move freely and have access to everything easily.

In a kitchen remodel, you can easily change the layout of the space and incorporate accessibility. This changes the floor plan and provides ease of movement to you. Contact our team at EA Home Design and get a consultation with expert designers!

Lacking Storage Space

There’s never too much space in a kitchen, most of the time we are always lacking it. If you think your kitchen is short on space more than usual, it is high time to upgrade your shelving and storage spaces and add some more to it.
With proper planning and experts working alongside you in your kitchen, you will be able to add extra space without making it obvious!

Old Appliances

With modern technology, one appliance can do a lot of tasks. If your kitchen has old appliances, it means you have more appliances in places that you can turn into storage. If there is more old tech than storage in your kitchen that means you need to upgrade your appliances and get some new and improved gadgets that can multitask and make all your cooking effortless!

The Team at EA Home Design

Our team at EA Home design can work with you and bring the best kitchen renovation to you. Share your ideas with us and experience as you get everything in your remodeled kitchen!

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