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Have you become bored with your kitchen which is starting to look a little old with the large appliances and the old marble countertop that you installed when you first moved into this house? Now that you dream of evolving your kitchen and have found inspiration in different places, you can contact us at EA Home Designs and revamp your kitchen into one of from dreams!

However, you might not have the budget to completely change the way your kitchen looks, but you can still bring in some changes. So, what are they? How can you make your bland kitchen look more modern?

Well, without completely destroying your pockets, we are dedicated to bringing your visions to reality and making you fall in love with your home once again! So, here’s what we can do!

Revamping Spaces in Baileys Crossroads Without Major Demos!

Instead of taking apart your whole kitchen, you can instead take up one project at a time. This way, you change the look of your entire kitchen with only a few transformations! So, what we have in mind:

–  Giving Your Cabinets a Makeover

Getting new cabinetry can be quite expensive, so let’s find out a way around it! If your cabinetry is strong on the hinges, doors, and frames, then in order to make them look better, you can just paint over them and give your kitchen a whole new look.

Swap out the knobs and handles, and see how the kitchen transforms without going a dime out of your budget. Share your ideas with our teams, and experience as the experts do this job for you with ease!

–  Changing Your Countertops

Instead of going for heavy granite or marble countertops, you can opt to go for the affordable option and choose laminate instead. Over the years, there have been many newer designs invented that make your kitchen look beautiful and fashionable.

They are lightweight as well as have brand new designs that are available. This way you can easily install this lightweight material in your kitchen without asking for many hands to help you install the heavier material.

–  Swapping Out the Lights

Lights transform your space in no time. If you want an open concept with lots of light, you can opt for beautiful white lights that make your kitchen look larger and expanded. However, if you’re a fan of homey and cozy places, then warm, yellow lights will make you quite happy.

Providing enough lighting for you to cook, as well as making your kitchen look like a cozy place to stay in, lighting can do wonders!

– Observe the Gadgets

If you can work with the gadgets already installed in your kitchen, then that’s great, you’ll save a lot on not buying unnecessary appliances. However, you don’t have to do all out on the gadgets, you can just go for the ones you need.

You can just get the appliances that have been troubling you. Swap them out with ones that you know will give you more efficiency and you’re good to go!

–  A Little Can Go a Long Way

When you’re planning on remodeling your Baileys Crossroads kitchen, it is important to realize that simple things like changing the wall colors or adding a new backsplash can make your kitchen look as good as new. So, if it’s out of your budget, then just revamp the little things and you’ll see the difference they make yourself!

How We Work

Operating in Baileys Crossroads has been quite amazing. We have design and renovating experts in our team so, when we start the process, the first step we take is meeting the clients. We ask about their ideas for the space and then, looking at them, we suggest our own changing incorporating their ideas. After that, we ask them to add or remove anything that they like or dislike and then begin the whole remodeling process!

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