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Are you tired of your kitchen looking like it came out of a 70s movie and want to make it more modern with sleek designs? Well, you’re in the right place, as the expert designers and creative team at EA Home Design know exactly how to revamp your olden kitchen.

We know that kitchen renovations can be more than just changing a few design elements, sometime, a whole make-over is required to add in the details that you will otherwise miss out on. With our team at your back and call, you will be able to incorporate every little idea you have for your kitchen as well as make it more contemporary!

Sleek but Practical Kitchens in Falls Church

What most old kitchens lack is storage and functionality. With ancient appliances taking up more than half the space, you have very little room to work with. Most people go for remodeling because they want to improve the practicality of their kitchen.

Here’s how we incorporate more storage space in your kitchen:

  • First, let’s throw out the big old tech pieces and replace them with sleek appliances that offer multi-functionality and take up less space in the kitchen.
  • Sometimes, we change the layout of the kitchen and free up a lot of space, providing much-needed practicality.
  • Sometimes, all a renovation requires you to do is add some extra cabinets and drawers and change the way your old cabinetry looks. It offers a lot more space than before to work in.
  • Sometimes a cramped-up kitchen also decreases functionality. The EA Home design team knows how to open up a space and make it more spacious that also offers a lot more practicality.

We know that taking up the project of remodeling your kitchen can be daunting. This is why our team is here for you and can make the process look effortless. However, before taking up the project, we take your budget and ideas into consideration and then give you the kitchen of your dreams!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Kitchen Work in Falls Church

We have an entire team at work in Falls Church, when you contact us, we like to communicate with you and collaborate on ideas every step of the way. Therefore, our team provides all the following services before starting any project:

  • Firstly, we make appointments with the clients and pick their brains about the design they’d want in their kitchen and ask about all the ideas.
  • After that we plan the layout and design of their kitchen using photorealistic CAD image drawings, plan the room elevations with cabinetry and then provide them with a VR experience.
  • According to their ideas, we also provide the services of designing custom-made cabinetry with finishing touches.
  • After that, our experts in Falls Church guide you through the process of selecting the best of the best appliances and hiring contractors for work
  • Lastly. Our team of friendly experts dedicates themselves to bringing you a seamless and stress-free kitchen renovation!

So, no matter what your budget is, you can get in touch with us and bring sleek kitchen designs to your home in Falls Church!

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