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Whether you need to renovate your kitchen whole or want to change the footprint of your kitchen, EA home design is the go-to kitchen renovation. Have faith in us for your kitchen remodeling needs and we will do the rest with love and care.

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Having an inviting space to prepare and savor delicious foods can help bring your loved ones together in no time. You wouldn’t have to spend more time waiting at a table at a hotel. You have a very beautiful large space kitchen where you can roam around and enjoy time together with your family. A kitchen renovated according to your needs and industry standards are what can ensure increased family time along with improved functionality.

EA home design is the leading kitchen renovating and remodeling service working actively in Lake Ridge. Equipped with industry trends and vast experience, we aim to facilitate Lake Ridge residents to help them create kitchen spaces that are highly beneficial for them.

Unlike an outdated kitchen, a kitchen re-designed according to industry standards will appeal to potential buyers. Team EA will design you a kitchen that will be a win-win for you.

  • Small kitchen renovation
  • Rustic kitchen remodeling
  • Modern kitchen renovation
  • Cottage kitchen refurbishment
  • Traditional kitchen renovation
  • Contemporary kitchen remodeling

Custom Kitchen Refurbishment Services in Lake Ridge

When you are considering a remodeled kitchen, sometimes the project becomes more than just the kitchen cabinets or countertops. One thing leads to another and you may feel a need to get the entire space remodeled including re-plastering, wall tiles, flooring, electrics, painting and more. It becomes a huge renovation project eventually.

An experienced kitchen renovation service can help you throughout the whole process assisting you to understand what needs to be done, what you should get renovated and how much time it all will take. EA home design in Lake Ridge is valued for its customer-centric services.

We strive to help people get the kitchen they want in order to satisfy their needs to beyond levels. We believe in the notion that “our success lies in our customers’ satisfaction”, thus we go to extra mile to achieve milestones.

Core Services EA Home Design Offers

EA home design is an all-in-one platform whether you need to get new countertops, want to repaint your kitchen, or perhaps looking to get up-to-date equipment to enhance the functionality of your kitchen. Here’s the list of a few services that we are masters in:

  • Kitchen updates.
  • Space-saving kitchen designs.
  • Entire kitchen refurbishments.
  • Total building and finishing services.
  • Home extension for a bigger kitchen.
  • Open living or open floor plan kitchens.
  • Tailored designs for residential and industrial kitchens.

Reshape Your Kitchen to The Best One

EA home design is a one-stop-shop solution for all of your needs from installing new sinks to getting a completely new layout. Consider us for each of your needs and you won’t regret it ever:

  • Installing new sinks and taps.
  • Repainting and redecorating the kitchen.
  • Designing and installing the latest countertops.
  • Mounting new backsplashes and light fixtures.
  • Fitting various kitchen appliances at the best spots.
  • Doing sub-floor preparation and flooring installation.
  • Performing numerous demolition and plumbing tasks.

Give an Aesthetic Look to Your Outdated Kitchen in Lake Ridge

With EA home design you have an opportunity to upgrade your kitchen to fit your taste with an elegantly modern touch. Experts at EA home design are trusted for their unmatched services in Lake Ridge helping thousands of people to get the kitchens of their dreams.

Come to us and we will give life to your dream kitchen by working on different areas like:

  • Install modern and upgraded kitchen appliances.
  • Add innovative and energy effective under cabinet lighting.
  • Create a food pantry storage area for enhanced functionality of your kitchen.
  • Remodel the space to add an island or peninsula to increase its worth and value.
  • Add storage organizers in the drawers for greater space while eliminating unnecessary mess.

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