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From contemporary to the transitional, cottage, or traditional, no matter what your style is, EA Home Design is prepared to bring them all to you. We transform your vision into beautiful spaces that inspire you to spend some quality time there, cooking delicious food.

We use top-quality products, keep everything under your budget, and design open kitchen designs that you love, incorporating all your ideas in the kitchen.

Types of kitchens that You Can Acquire in Portsmouth

EA Home Designs have an expert team that is qualified in bringing to life many different kitchen designs. So, if you’re interested in bringing some of these trendy styles to your kitchen in Portsmouth, then you should know what they look like in real life!

Traditional Kitchen

Regardless of how many new styles emerge, traditional designs always remain in style. Nothing that syncs in with your style more than the natural elements of the traditional kitchen. Some elements that you will find in this type of kitchen are:

  • Natural elements like stained wood on doors and cabinetry, or stoned or hardwood flooring.
  • A natural, neutral, or earthy color palette
  • Use of extra accessories in open spaces like a chandelier on the ceiling or adding corbels to the architecture
  • A sign of traditional kitchens are quartz countertops which also give your kitchen a luxurious feel
  • Recessed cabinetry is also a sure giveaway of a traditional kitchen. They are aesthetically quite perfect

Get a classically designed kitchen in the heart of Portsmouth!

 Transitional Kitchen

A mix of designs is all you need in this trendy world. So, mix some traditional with contemporary and get the infamous transitional style kitchens. It’s all about blending and mixing different elements until they look perfect together. In a transitional kitchen you’ll mostly find:

  • Streamlined hardware and cabinetry which is quite versatile
  • Simple and minimal accents, the light colors with some greenery create a beautifully cohesive look.
  • A neutral or monochromatic color palette gives away a transitional look that is quite trendy
  • Natural surfaces like marble or granite on countertops blend the contemporary with traditional flawlessly
  • The texture on surfaces also looks perfect in transitional kitchens. Add some light fixtures or textured chairs and complete the look!

Let us at EA Home Design, bring you a transitional kitchen that suits your style!

 Cottage Kitchen

If you’re going for cozy, open, and homey spaces then a cottage kitchen in Portsmouth will go nicely with your style! The elements that represent a cottage kitchen are:

  • A soft and airy color palette like an off-white, white, or light yellow
  • When you have open shelving, it gives your kitchen a cottage-y feel
  • The paneling on the walls of the kitchen with beadboard also brings in the cottage-like look to your kitchen
  • If you want another aspect, you can get the farmhouse sinks and install them that feature a deep bowl and distinct fixtures
  • Another beautiful cottage detail is hardwood flooring that adds the final touches!

Make your home feel cozy and warm with this cottage-styled kitchen!

 Contemporary Kitchen

Do you want a sleek and stylish kitchen remodeling? A contemporary kitchen design should be on your menu. With maximum functionality and a minimalistic look, this style provides you with the most elegant kitchens! Some of its aspects are:

  • Panel-like flat doors that are similar to slabs and contribute to the minimal look of the kitchen
  • Stainless steel appliances all over the space are a dead giveaway of contemporary kitchens
  • This kitchen boldly embraces the open concept that contributes to its maximum functionality
  • Bar seating with a large island is also part of the design and a waterfall bar completes the look!

Sleek and stylish is our specialty, let us show you how it’s done professionally!

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