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Sometimes kitchens can seem too cramped up of spaces to fit many people, so it ends up becoming the least favorite of a home. We, at EA home Design, are dedicated to bringing you closer to the space that brings happiness all around.

We understand that kitchen renovations are more than just changing your cabinets and adding new appliances to them. It’s about upgrading an entire part of your home. From opening the space to adding better pathways and connections that allow better functionality, a kitchen renovation can change the entire layout.

Bring Practically in Your Kitchen in Roanoke

Accentuate the functionality of your kitchen with EA Home Designs!

When people want to redesign their kitchen, the number one thought in their mind is to bring more functionality to the space and make the space more open. When you have this in mind, you get these advantages:

  • You acquire more storage space by adding more cabinets. Even if you do not increase the square foot, you still give the space a bigger feel.
  • You can easily integrate sleek appliances into your kitchen that make it look modern and smart.
  • When the layout is transformed, you free up a lot of the floor, wall, and counter space, giving your kitchen an open and clean look.
  • You can also add windows, remove walls and doors to open the space, bring light in and make the entire space more spacious.

However, tackling a kitchen renovation by yourself can be quite intimidating. This is why we are here to take up the task and make the entire process effortless for you. Taking your budget into consideration, we ask about your preferences and create beautiful custom-made kitchens!

Bringing You Award-Winning Kitchens in Roanoke

With 20 years of experience in the industry and winning many awards in house renovations, our experts are well-qualified to take up the charge in your home and bring beautiful kitchens to you!

Why are they the best?

  • They are a team of skilled individuals
  • Bring innovative and creative ideas to the table every time
  • Have qualified designers in the team and renovation expert contractors under them
  • The best remodeling specialists in Roanoke

Collaborate and Take Advantage of Superior Services!

Work closely with skilled designers and contractors to make your Roanoke kitchen one of a kind!

We enjoy communicating with our clients and picking their brains about the ideas they have for their kitchen. We believe that without your input, the kitchen would not come out the way you want and will not have meaning to you.

This is why, during the creation of any space, we provide our customers with these services as part of our renovation:

  • Planning the design of the entire space with photorealistic CAD image drawings, room elevations with cabinetry, and a VR experience.
  • Custom-made, stylish cabinetry with streamlined finishing touches
  • Project-related guidance for different things like the best appliances for your kitchen’s use and contractors for extra projects.
  • Expert and friendly creative team that is dedicated to providing you with a seamless and stress-free kitchen renovation experience!

So, whatever budget you’ve got, get in touch with EA Home Design in Roanoke and book a consultation today!

Our Team

We are a group of experienced individuals who know how to treat your home as our own and are trained in the art of perfect interior designing and remodeling. So, whether you only need consultation or want to remodel your entire kitchen and build it from scratch, our specialists know what they are doing.

We keep all your preferences in mind when designing your space and always add your style to the design to bring your image to life. Our creative designers are experts in coming up with innovative ideas that allow us to sync all your wishes in your kitchen remodeling design.

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