Terms and Conditions

Thanks for visiting this page on terms and conditions. At EA Home Design, we have set some T&Cs. To use our website and services, you need to agree to T&Cs. These terms refer to our services, acceptance, and payment considerations.

We value our clients and work with dedication every day to provide customized services and high-quality workmanship. Our team strives to accomplish a project on time. Before the beginning of a project, we establish the scope of work. However, we like to make an agreement before proceeding with the project. So, you need to read our terms and conditions to avail of our services.


Every time we work with our clients, we provide a workmanship warranty to ensure that we are reliable remodeling service providers. However, this warranty is not transferable to a new homeowner. Our products are also available with a manufacturer’s warranty. In case you have used the products correctly and have still become damaged, this warranty will be applicable. EA Home Design and its licensors have intellectual property rights. While accessing our website for personal use, you need to know about our IP rights. According to the Intellectual Property laws, you should not

  • Republish any content from our website
  • Sell, sub-license, and rent material from our website
  • Duplicate, copy, and reproduce any part of the content published on the website.
  • Redistribute the materials from our platform.

A few sections of this site give you a space for posting your views and information. Our remodeling company does not edit, filter, review, and publish comments before publishing our visitors’ opinions. Thus, these details do not reflect the opinions and thoughts of our company and its affiliates. According to the applicable laws, EA Home Design will not be responsible for comments and damages caused by reading those comments on our site. You have to acknowledge that.

  • Your comments never affect our IP rights, including the trademark, patent, and copyright of third parties.
  • You grant a non-exclusive license to permit others to edit your comments.
  • Your comments should not be used to promote another business.
  • There must not be libelous, defamatory, and unlawful material that causes invasion of privacy.

Termination of our services

We can suspend and terminate your access to our website and our services without sending prior notice. It happens when you have breached our terms and conditions.

Procurement for remodeling projects

Our designers do not buy goods and raw materials for the services to be provided until we have received your payment. Vendors may ask for 100% payment while you place the order.

Obligations and standards of work

Our contractors agree to provide materials and labor based on the quote we have provided. They will undertake the work diligently and stay compliant with building codes. Moreover, they will use their skills to carry out their work and maintain the best standards. They agree to keep your site free from debris. After the home remolding projects are accomplished, they will clean your property and remove the materials.

However, as a client, you need to accept that there would be some inconveniences. Our contractors will try to alleviate these issues. Your responsibility is to take steps to keep the worksite free from any household items. Protect these items properly to avoid damage, vibrations, and dust.

You must accept that our designs and a few other factors can affect the timeline.


When you receive materials as a part of the contract, you have to be conscious of consumer rights. Materials purchased and orders can be used for installation purposes. These are some details of our terms and conditions. However, we can modify these T&Cs at any time.

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