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If the kitchen in your home isn’t designed in the way that you want, you are unable to like the design and interior of your entire home. As most people spend the majority of their time in the kitchen hanging out with the family, it impacts their entire perspective. So, if your home has a vintage kitchen that you don’t like spending much time in, then it’s a sign that you should look into remodeling it.

The kitchen has become the spot where people like to cook as well as hang out. As the host, you want to cook for your guests as well as entertain them, but if your kitchen is too small, you’ll be stuck in the kitchen and all your guests will be outside, and you’ll miss out on the good conversations.

This is why, your kitchen should be a little open, to let you have all the conversations as well as cook everyone’s favorite dishes. So, how can you turn your small kitchen into a spacious one?

Here’s how we can help!

Bringing in Space into Small Centreville Kitchens

Small kitchens either have large appliances that take up unnecessary space, have walls separating the living room and the kitchen or have less storage made. Sometimes people think that they have too many things in their kitchen which is making it look cramped. But, what they don’t realize is that the design of their kitchen might be wrong.

With a little change in the room plan, they can take advantage of a lot of space. We, at EA home design, have experts that know how to provide you with maximum space while keeping your kitchen fully functional!

Work with our professionals and host like a pro in your open and spacious kitchen. All you have to do is, bring in ideas and communicate them with our design team and they’ll incorporate them in the kitchen that you have planned with new and improved methods!

Minimalistic yet Contemporary

One of the most special qualities of a modern kitchen is its minimalistic design. Instead of compromising on the kitchen features that are a must in a kitchen, make your kitchen look minimalistic with the design details.

You have to add in the countertops, cabinets, stoves, and appliances because they are a necessity, but instead of making the kitchen fill up with colors, you can go for the shades of whites, off-whites, and cream.

This way, not only will your kitchen look lighter and open, but you’ll also be attracted to the spaciousness that light colors offer.

How We Work?

We work in the way, that we set up meetings with the client in their home to tour the area that requires remodeling. After that, we ask about their opinion on the space. When the clients offer their designs, our designers put forward our own designs will slight changes and incorporation of their imagined designs.

We ask the clients to make changes to that design according to their taste and then ask the contractors to begin the renovations. This way, we know what to add in the space that will show off your personality perfectly as well as remodel the entire kitchen beautifully!

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