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Tailored Kitchen Renovation and Remodeling in Chantilly

Do you want to get your kitchen renovated a little bit? Or do you want an entire kitchen makeover? EA Home Design is the most trusted kitchen renovation and remodeling service provider in Chantilly.

We offer all-in-one custom kitchen solutions for your needs to help you add value to your home. Our team will be there with you throughout each and every step of the project ensuring the deliverance of elite services customized to your needs.

A Bunch of Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen in Chantilly

The kitchen is the most used and visited space at home. Every homeowner wants a kitchen that is highly functional and comfortable to work at. We make sure to renovate your kitchen that can provide you with an environment where you can work all effortlessly without any obstacles. Here are the ultimate benefits you would enjoy:

Eliminate Inconvenience

Do you feel like having an awkward kitchen layout at your home? Or perhaps, your kitchen space is too short or too cramped? No one works well in a poorly designed kitchen. Thus, considering your needs we bring quality solutions to help you diminish inconvenience and improve functionality.

Here is how we will do it:

  • Add under cabinet lighting
  • Install smaller appliances
  • Create a food pantry storage area
  • Add storage organizers in the drawers
  • Remodel the space to add an island or peninsula

Upgrade to Fit Your Taste

Do you feel demotivated every single time you enter your kitchen? Do you think your kitchen is a bit outdated? If so, now is the time to create a happier go-to space. Your kitchen is the most visited space so it must be built in a way where you want to be. Our experts will help you create a kitchen of your taste. We will help you:

  • Hood – obtain an exclusive hood for your kitchen.
  • Plumbing fixtures – upgrade your faucet with the latest style.
  • Footprint – change the color and shade of the whole footprint.
  • Backsplash tile – choose your favorite color, shade and style.

Enhance The Worth of Your Home

Think beyond imagination and beyond yourself. The upgrades will also help inspire potential buyers who may want to buy your home. Kitchen renovation on a broader scale will boost the resale of your home in Chantilly. The areas we will cover include:

  • Hood
  • Lighting
  • New sink
  • Hardware
  • Appliances
  • Backsplash
  • Countertops
  • Wood floors

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