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    Bathroom Remodeling in Herndon Virginia

    What comes to your mind the moment you hear the words ‘bathroom remodeling?’ For some people, the associated costs ring in their mind way before anything else. For others yet, you will see bouts of smile all over the face. Whichever way, bathroom remodeling is a major project that should bring happiness to homeowners and breath quality life into many homes. The best bathroom remodels projects are the ones that are planned. If you take your time planning, it will be less hectic when it comes to implementation. EA Home Design is your bathroom-remodeling partner. With highly experienced bathroom remodeling partners on our side, you can be certain of finding real value for your cash. We have handled thousands of remodeling projects for the twenty years we have stayed in operation.

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    Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas 2017

    Your bathroom deserves to be more than just a small space for taking a quick shower early in the morning. It is part of your greatest investment, your home. Have you considered remodeling your bathroom in 2017? You can choose to sway with the rest or make it different. The modern homeowner goes for the luxurious bathroom; you have every reason not to be left out. So what are some of the trends worth checking for any luxurious bathroom design in 2017?

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    Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For 2017

    For those who gave their kitchens a deserving facelift, 2016 was a captivating year. If you did not manage to grant your kitchen a new look, 2017 present you with another opportunity. In this New Year, however, things must be done differently. After trawling the internet and speaking to key different kitchen experts, we have come up with incredible ideas that shouldn’t miss in your kitchen remodeling project 2017.

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    Custom Kitchen Cabinets and Kitchen Renovations

    The modern kitchen is the centerpiece of every home. The best parties always end up in the kitchen. Family gatherings turn out best when held in the kitchen. Ideally, the kitchen is where our meals are also prepared! That explains everything. Kitchen remodeling seems to be one of the most common renovation trends. As we know, kitchen remodeling is not complete without a touch of glamor on the cabinets. Kitchen cabinets say so much about you. In 2017, you wouldn’t just want to opt for any cabinet design. You need something more insightful, and at EA Home design, we are never short of ideas.

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    Best Small Kitchen Ideas and Designs for 2017

    Today, nearly every homeowner wants a massive kitchen. It is normal for us to dream of a large kitchen diner with space for range cooker, kitchen diner, and a large dining table to accommodate multiple guests. However, your kitchen doesn’t have to be large to be glamorous. Instead of worrying yourself about space, you can focus on making the most out of the not so big kitchen space. With small kitchens, it’s all about creative designs and stylish insights.

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    10 Best Bathroom Remodel Tips and Ideas

    Your bathroom is the most private space you probably have in your home. As such, it deserves a sense of personalization and a touch of great feeling. With ideal bathroom remodeling project, you can turn the small boring space you have always considered as your bathroom into a glamorous room. So how exactly do you achieve this? The best bathroom remodels projects are ones that are well planned for. You need to have an idea of what it takes to ensure ultimate success. At EA Home Design, we offer you a complete guide.

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    Incredible Kitchen Design Ideas worth Checking Out

    For many people, the kitchen is more than a meal preparation parlor. Modern kitchen design ideas have the capabilities of transforming plain kitchens into glamorous cooking sanctuaries. The amazing aspect is that it doesn’t have to cost you fortunes to revitalize the looks of your kitchen. Simple modern kitchen ideas can transform what you have always considered ordinary into a more efficient cooking area; increasing the value of your home in the process. So what are some of these ideas? Let’s consider a brief insight.

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