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Best Small Kitchen Ideas and Designs for 2017

Today, nearly every homeowner wants a massive kitchen. It is normal for us to dream of a large kitchen diner with space for range cooker, kitchen diner, and a large dining table to accommodate multiple guests. However, your kitchen doesn’t have to be large to be glamorous. Instead of worrying yourself about space, you can focus on making the most out of the not so big kitchen space. With small kitchens, it’s all about creative designs and stylish insights.

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10 Best Bathroom Remodel Tips and Ideas

Your bathroom is the most private space you probably have in your home. As such, it deserves a sense of personalization and a touch of great feeling. With ideal bathroom remodeling project, you can turn the small boring space you have always considered as your bathroom into a glamorous room. So how exactly do you achieve this? The best bathroom remodels projects are ones that are well planned for. You need to have an idea of what it takes to ensure ultimate success. At EA Home Design, we offer you a complete guide.

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Incredible Kitchen Design Ideas worth Checking Out

For many people, the kitchen is more than a meal preparation parlor. Modern kitchen design ideas have the capabilities of transforming plain kitchens into glamorous cooking sanctuaries. The amazing aspect is that it doesn’t have to cost you fortunes to revitalize the looks of your kitchen. Simple modern kitchen ideas can transform what you have always considered ordinary into a more efficient cooking area; increasing the value of your home in the process. So what are some of these ideas? Let’s consider a brief insight.

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What you need to know before embarking on Bathroom Remodeling

Beauty is appealing, attractive, and almost addictive. We all love it. That explains why many homeowners will go extra miles to transform the look of their homes and remodel their bathrooms. Notably, we only get to achieve the elegance we so much desire when everything works out right. In the past, you might have had your expectations crushed by a home remodeling company because you had no clue of what to expect. Even more, you might not have had the facts with you. At EA Home Design, we believe in making a difference. As such, we insist on enlightening them on what to expect when bathroom remodeling is involved.

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EA Home Design Kitchen Designer Beats Top Contenders in Fall 2016 Showcase Your Space Remodel Contest

At the beginning of fall 2016, Waypoint Living Spaces held a design contest bringing together its multiple dealers. In a contest registering more than 250 entries, EA Home Design managed to take home the highly coveted award in the kitchen design category. From what the judges shared, the results were based on creativity, details, and authenticity. What could have made EA Home Design bag the award at the expense of the other close rivals? What are some of the lessons a homeowner can take from the outcome? Which small kitchen remodeling ideas can you take from that?

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EA Home Design Bags Fall 2016 Waypoint Living Spaces Showcase Your Space Remodel Contest Award

Giving your kitchen a modern look is costly; that is what most people say. Well, EA Home Design’s awards in the just concluded Waypoint Living Spaces showcase your space remodel competition might have been a shocker for many people who hold this belief. With a trendy design and affordable home addition ideas, EA Home Design managed to come top in Kitchen Design category.

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2017 Trending Basement Renovation Ideas

For some homeowners, the basement space is the family junk room with half-empty tins of paint, old toys, and excess pictures without a space to hang them. For others yet, it is the unfinished parking space you simply use out of necessity. Well, it might not have occurred to you how valuable this space can get with a little touch of glamorous home remodeling. Unknowingly, this space provides you with an opportunity of increasing your living space and increasing the value of your home. Are you willing to convert the idle basement into something of greater value? The following insights can provide the perfect start.

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