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Elite Kitchen Design Ideas That’ll Make You Want to Redo Yours: Kitchen Trends 2022

The kitchen is one of the most visited spaces at home. Homeowners, kids and family members all are often found in the kitchen enjoying delicious meals and even gossiping at times. It should be a place where you enjoy spending your time but not trying to just step out from.

If your kitchen seems a bit outdated, you can always make a redo to make it all classy, highly functional and a space your guest would obsess over.

Here are a few eye-catching kitchen design ideas that you should consider for your kitchen remodel.

1.                   Make It Look Extra Homey

Your kitchen looks the least homey since it does not get a ton of natural light, right? However, it does not mean that it cannot have an amazing sunny outlook. To your surprise, the jovial combination of yellow and light orange color wallpaper can make a huge difference in making your kitchen look classic.

You can feature a simple and unique dining table, unlacquered traditional pots, modish counters and a chic kitchen footprint to make it a lived-in environment.

2.      Upgrade Cabinetry to Optimize Storage

When preparing a meal, it feels frustrating to find spice containers here and there. It consumes not only your precious time but efforts too. Renovating your kitchen cabinets to optimize storage for your kitchen’s essentials is really helpful in preparing delightful meals for you and your family.

You can customize the shelves according to your needs. Get upgraded storage to keep drinkware, plates, cookbooks, little pots and even artwork.


3.      Black Tiles with Bounce Lights

You can transform your kitchen into glossy black (or perhaps dark grey) subway tiles. This will help to bounce light and create a comfortable atmosphere, making it incredibly simple to clean all the surfaces and maximising the compact galley kitchen’s space.

However, keep in mind that when it comes to painting your kitchen’s floor tiles, the color, design and pattern must complement it as a whole. Make sure that new tiles go best with your kitchen’s footprint.

4.                  Happy Mural to Enhance Aesthetics

You can always opt for a pale, creamy and light-colored scheme to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. It will not only enhance your kitchen and give it a “wow” factor but would increase the worth and value of your home as well.

What more you can do is to add diamond cutouts to your kitchen’s cabinetry and add another stroke of calming symmetry. You would enjoy preparing meals in your new inspirational kitchen.

5.                  Mirror Your Surfaces

Do you love edgy mirrored surfaces? Or perhaps, you like to have gleaming stainless steel in your kitchen? Bring some charisma to the pleasant elements in your kitchen including swirls of peach marble, single pendant light, or a white bounce ball.

You can always take the basic look of your kitchen to the next level with a silver or gold mirrored island. However, make sure that you get the quality appliances and products the very first time so you can have peace of mind for the next 30 years by having a vogueish kitchen design.

Wrapping It Up

You can work on the kitchen design and layout ideas by yourself; or perhaps, you may consider it a DIY project. However, it needs to be done with utmost attention and care. A minor mistake can result in a pitfall eventually.

It is highly suggested to leave your project to an expert home and kitchen renovation service who can manage all the chores for you under your budget.

How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Kitchen?

Lighting is sometimes disregarded, despite the fact that it is one of the most crucial aspects of good interior design. Poor lighting will make a kitchen seem “wrong,” regardless of how high-quality the materials are, harmonized the color palette is, or imaginative and well-executed your theme is.

Your kitchen feels sterile and uninviting when lit by brisk, frigid overhead lighting. Uneven placement will result in dark blotches in certain areas and “pooling” of light in others. Even if using just soft, low-level lighting can create a peaceful ambiance, cooking and cleaning will be more difficult.

While minimizing difficulties and drawing attention away from any unfinished components, clever lighting choices bring out the best in any kitchen by highlighting favorite features and statement design decisions. Whether you’re making a meal, hosting guests, or just unwinding, a well-lit kitchen is one you’ll like spending time in.

It’s critical to comprehend how lighting functions within a home before making any decisions. There are three standard forms of illumination in a home, regardless of the space.

  1. Task Lighting

Task lighting is exactly what it sounds like: useful, concentrated, bright illumination intended to assist you in performing your tasks. It is used in kitchens to light up counters and other high-traffic parts of the space. Remember that being functional need not be dull; in fact, bright lighting strips and well-lit places offer a lovely contrast with the kitchen’s more subdued elements.

Bright LED strip lights over the sink and worktops in this moody kitchen maintain practicality while bringing lightness to the darker hues.

Task lighting comes in fixed and adjustable varieties. The most popular lighting fixtures that direct light to areas that need it most are countertop spotlights and pendant lights over a sink or dining table.  Another common type of lighting is directional track lighting, where the position of each light on a ceiling fixture may be changed to suit the requirements of the space.


  1. Natural lighting

Ambient lighting, often referred to as general lighting, aims to spread an even, homogeneous glow across a space; it is the kind of light that is most frequently activated by turning on a light switch. Ambient lighting is adaptable and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including wall sconces, valance lighting, track lighting, ceiling lamps, chandeliers, and recessed ceiling lights.

Consider ambient light as the structure on which your entire lighting plan is based. Although it’s not the most interesting component, doing it properly is essential if you want to attain beautiful results.

  1. Added illumination

The most artistic type of lighting is accent lighting, which is also the most difficult to execute successfully. Always keep in mind that less is usually more! There are a variety of other methods to add accents outside the obvious lighting that creates ambience and mood in a space.

In your kitchen, good accent lighting will highlight any artwork, ornaments, or bold design decisions while simultaneously drawing attention away from anything that detracts from the space’s overall appeal. You may rapidly alter the ambiance of your kitchen by using lights that are dimmable or adjustable. Even by itself, lighting may provide captivating visual effects and focal points.

In a wonderfully illuminated contemporary kitchen, the cabinets’ downward-facing lights illuminate the contents while they are open and provide a dramatic pattern when they are closed.

Ending Thoughts

These aren’t absolute classifications; for instance, a chandelier may illuminate the area around a dining table and serve as accent lighting to change the ambiance of the space when used with a dimmer switch. A tabletop may be illuminated by adjustable lights one minute, and a favorite vase the next. Don’t get too caught up in the technical jargon; instead, think about how the space is utilized, what you want to emphasize, what you want to distract from, and how you want your kitchen to feel. When you do them, all of the lighting you require will be included organically.

Still confused about the lighting and having trouble to decide between the colors? We get it. At EA Home Design we help thousands of homeowners achieve their dream look of their house by listening to them and bringing their vision to life. Reach out to us and let us know how we can help you.

Is Radiant Floor Heating in The Bathroom Really Worth It?

It’s a dark, chilly morning, and even though you know you should get out of bed and start your day, you’re finding it very difficult to do so because all that’s waiting for you is a dark, cold house. The beginning of your day could be a little bit simpler if your bathroom has radiant floor heating, though. Radiant floor heating can help you relax into your morning rather than putting additional chilly shocks on your feet. It might not be so difficult to get out of bed.

Heated bathroom floors are unquestionably more of a luxury than a necessity. But when you step onto chilly tiles in the winter, you might conclude they’re a luxury that’s justified. In addition to improving comfort and aesthetics, heated bathroom flooring also helps to provide more effective heating. It’s difficult to resist bringing this spa-like luxury into your house.

Is It Cheap?

The average cost to install radiant floor heating in a bathroom measuring 100 square feet is $600, with costs ranging from $5 to $8 per square foot. Although installing radiant floor heating is expensive, it is frequently a more affordable option in the long term. In contrast to radiant floor heating, which comes with a strong guarantee and hardly ever needs maintenance, underfloor heating rarely needs costly repairs.

Similar to forced air, you may adjust your thermostat to only turn on the heat when it’s necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature, saving you money on high heating bills.

Radiant heat systems, however, are more cost-effective to operate than forced air systems. They efficiently heat the space, retain heat better, and use less energy to do so. You feel more comfortable because radiant floor heating keeps the heat down to the floor, where you are living and moving.

The Room is Heated with Heated Floors

It is not simply the floor that is heated with heated flooring. They frequently perform an excellent job of evenly heating the entire area. Forced air relies on air circulation to warm the whole space, yet it overheats the room’s perimeter. The annoying reality that heat rises, however, means that circulation is never consistent. On the other hand, heated floors start at the ground, warming the entire space.

How Many Radiant Heat Types are Available?

Modern radiant heating systems work by applying electrical currents to a heating element. Under the floorboards, the coils which comprise this heating element move. The most popular and reasonably priced sort of floor heating is one that has already been installed. The installation procedure, however, can cost more than the substitute.

A liquid is used for conduction, radiation, and convection in hydronic floor heating. It is installed within tubes. It is installed beneath your flooring and works similarly to electric radiant heating. Due of the necessity for a boiler system to transmit and boil water in the tubes, this system works best in homes that already have one. Although it has lower operating expenses than electric radiant heating systems, if you don’t already have a boiler system then the installation could be expensive.

The Verdict: Are Heated Bathroom Floors Really Worth It?

Radiant heating is unquestionably something to take into consideration whether you’re redesigning your bathroom or even simply changing your floors. Yes, you will ultimately spend more for your flooring, but the energy savings, increased comfort, and increased resale value will make it worthwhile. The bathroom is the ideal spot to make a little flooring investment because it doesn’t have a lot of square footage. Additionally, installing radiant floor heating concurrently with your redesign will save you money on labor costs if your floors will already be removed for the work.

To provide you with the utmost in comfort and luxury, EA Home Design can assist you with choosing gorgeous new flooring for your bathroom and installing radiant floor heating at the same time. For consultation, please contact us online.

Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems and How to Fix Them: Hire an Expert

Dysfunctional bathrooms create an uncomfortable nuisance, whether they are in a commercial or a residential setting. Bathroom problems may increase water expenses and, in the case of leaks, even cause property damage eventually. Therefore, it is a must to resolve them on time; and it better is to hire an expert rather than DIY as it might cost you a lot including your time and energy.

Common Bathroom Issues that You May Face in Everyday Life

The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in a home. Homeowners never compromise on the functionality of a bathroom. They want it all operational every time they enter. However, you may face common issues with your bathroom that must be resolved in time.

A few issues include clogged drains and toilets, leaky faucets and pipes, difficulties with water heaters, poor water pressure, a running toilet, and more.

1.      Dripping Faucets

Everybody has experienced the measured trickle of a leaking faucet, which we all dread hearing. If left unattended, dripping faucets may waste a lot of water each year, drive up water bills, and result in water damage to the neighborhood.

2.      Clogged Drains

Commercial sink drains, in particular, have a higher risk of clogging because of regular use and negligence from consumers. At home, hair and other debris can build in the bathtub and shower drains, causing them to block. Small clogs are simple to remove, but more serious blockages would need the skill of a plumber to be fixed.

3.      Continuously Running Toilets

A toilet that won’t stop running is yet another ominous sound to listen for in the restroom. While many people choose to overlook the situation, it is far preferable to call a plumber before it becomes worse. A running toilet may become pricey and prone to blockages if it is not maintained.

4.      Clogged Toilets

A blocked toilet, maybe the most frequent issue of all, can be annoying and inconvenient. While some people might not consider it to be a problem, a toilet that clogs frequently and readily may be a symptom of root penetration. Call one of our knowledgeable plumbers to identify the problem.

5.      Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes may be harder to locate than other issues since they are typically hidden behind walls. However, unexpectedly high water bills are a surefire indication that there are broken pipes. A ruptured pipe may cause structural damage and mold growth. If you believe that the pipes in your bathroom are leaking, call our plumbing company immediately once.

6.      Odorous Drains

Sewer odors coming from floor drains might indicate a sewage blockage. The last thing that business owners want is for nauseating smells to turn away clients; therefore, they should get this issue swiftly resolved by a professional.

7.      Water Temperature Problems

Water heaters need routine maintenance, so it may be time to call a plumber for assistance if the water at your place of work or in your shower won’t heat up. Leaks from water heaters may be expensive, and if the water pools, they can harm the surroundings. Contact us for immediate repairs in the sad case of a rupture!

Call A Renovation Service to Resolve Your Bathroom Plumbing Issues

Some bathroom plumbing issues like clogged drains, leaking faucets, and clogged toilets are better left to the professionals. Bathroom remodeling services will handle your project attentively ensuring that they deliver the best results.


EA Home Design is an expert bathroom remodeling service with hundreds of happy and satisfied customers. Feel free to get in touch with an expert rather than trying to resolve it yourself; that might result in a pitfall due to inadequate knowledge of technicalities.


Get Reliable Service and Congratulations – You Have Now Your Highly Functional Bathroom.

A Bathroom Makeover to Enhance its Functionality: A Quick Guide 2022

Do you cringe every time you enter your obsolete bathroom? Does your bathroom seem less functional than before? Does your faucet leak? Or perhaps, you often encounter a clogged toilet? Bathrooms are a necessary component of a house; thus it is crucial to maintain them in excellent functioning order.

Bathroom remodeling services aim at facilitating people in their bathroom remodeling and renovating needs. They help you resolve bathroom issues and problems effectively from faucet leakage to toilet installation to shower repair and more.

Full-Fledge Bathroom Remodeling Services

A full bathroom is composed of four critical parts including a shower, a sink, a toilet, and a bathtub. Anything less than that; and your bathroom becomes highly dysfunctional. You can always consider bathroom remodeling specialists for your needs.

  1. Bathroom Expansions

If necessary, eliminate load-bearing or structural walls. The plan and permission processes are handled by professional bathroom remodelers to ensure timely and effective delivery of work.

2.      Door Installation and Repair

Do you need a new shower door installed or do you need to replace an old one that is leaking water and off its track or hinges? Bathroom renovation and remodeling experts pledge to be on time and do work of the highest caliber for your complete satisfaction.

3.      Toilet Installation and Repair

An excellent method to modernize your bathroom as a whole is to install a new toilet. Bathroom remodeling experts are all and well capable of replacing your toilet’s tank flapper, wax ring, or flush valve. They are your one-stop shop for all toilet installation and repair needs.

4.      Light Fixtures Installation

Whether you want to brighten the shower or the entire bathroom, home and bathroom remodeling experts have the knowledge and expertise to give your bathroom the perfect balance of light.

Ultimate Benefits of Hiring Bathroom Remodelers

Homeowners choose to hire bathroom professionals for one of two reasons. Either because they have never had their kitchen refurbished before or because they desperately need to. Alternatively, it’s also possible that they had a bad remodeling experience in the past and are looking to hire a skilled team for the current job. Does any of that ring a bell with you?


Here are the ultimate benefits you will enjoy when hiring bathroom remodelers.


  • They will help create a bathroom that is customized to your preferences and needs.
  • While selecting materials from their design center, the finishing touches of color and style shall be put together with the assistance of their devoted professionals.
  • There’s no space for guesswork here! They will provide you with a detailed schedule of when they will begin and finish your bathroom renovation.
  • You have access to their customer support service enabling you to examine all of your work and communicate right away with their whole team on how and when to deliver your complete work.

EA Bathroom Remodeling Service – How Do We Do It Better?

Obtain elite-class bathroom remodeling services from reliable remodelers. Years of experience in bathroom remodeling are the foundation of EA Home Design. You can go large with economical upgrades or get a stunning standard makeover with the assistance of EA Home Design specialists.


  • Communication and punctuality are priorities our professional remodelers focus on when working on your bathroom remodeling project.
  • You will receive a thorough written agreement that includes the work description and payment information.
  • There is a project manager assigned to each project who is responsible for seeing it through to completion.
  • We take uncommon measures to make sure our customers are highly satisfied and happy.

Wrapping It Up

Let it be a little bathroom renovation task or you want to transform and upgrade your bathroom as a whole; bathroom remodeling services are the go-to solution when you are stuck with a problem that you cannot resolve yourself.

5 Unique Kitchen Ideas that will Spruce up Your Kitchen Splendidly

Whether you have a small kitchen or a grand one, you can always make it more attractive with some amazing renovations. Instead of going the typical way and following trendy ideas, here are some unique ways that you can make your kitchen beautiful in subtle yet impactful ways!

1.    Changing the Furnishings and Fixtures

Sometimes the layout and poorly planned fixtures and furnishings can make your kitchen look old and ancient, but little changes can make a whole lot of difference. Like switching the stainless steel sink and faucets that came with the house and try replacing them with modern ones and a porcelain sink.

When it comes to the furnishings in your house, you can change the knobs on your drawers and cabinetry to give them a whole new look, and try replacing the old appliances with new ones to make your kitchen look fresh!

2.    Putting in Windows for an Open and Airy Concept

Does your kitchen look cramped up with no outside light coming into the space? Well, have you tried renovating the layout? Instead of a box kitchen, try adding windows on one side of the room to let fresh sunlight in. You can also make it more spacious by opening up one side of the kitchen to the next room and giving it an airy look.

Changing out the paint color can also make your kitchen look roomy. Instead of using dark colors like browns, greens, and greys, go for lighter shades to make it luminescent.

3.    Make Cabinetry Light-Colored

As mentioned before, light colors in the kitchen make a lot of difference. Cabinetry is one of the most important parts of a kitchen. So if you have blacks and browns in your cabinetry then your kitchen must give some dark vibes.

If you want the kitchen to look friendly, you can incorporate lighter colors on the cabinetry and put in dark colors as accents throughout your space. But painting cabinets in a really dark color would only make your kitchen look smaller.

4.    Put in Open Shelving to Open Up the Space

If you have a small kitchen, putting cabinets all over the space can make it look even tinier. The hack here is to use open shelving. You can add cabinetry under the countertops but when it comes to the top part of the kitchen, try to open up the space and use open shelves. This will not only make your kitchen look larger, but you can also decorate the space in your own fashion without looking at cabinet doors in your face.

5.    Incorporate Good Technology

Modernizing your kitchen is a good step forward. Even if you don’t have the budget to go ahead with a whole renovation, you can always make your kitchen look fresh by adding in a touch of modern art: meaning all the new and improved appliances!

Smart homes are the future of renovations and design. Incorporating smart taps, ultra-modern ovens and sleek appliances in your kitchen will automatically transform the whole look of the space. Not only will your life improve, but you will also have a beautiful kitchen!

Final Thoughts

Without spending a ton of money on a complete renovation this year, you can just integrate these amazing ideas into your old kitchen and experience as it becomes one of a kind amazing one with just a few changes!

From Drab to Fab, Take Your Kitchen Remodeling to New Levels

When you first buy your home, the kitchen you get is mostly designed with an old concept. It still has room to improve and reach its full potential. Here’s where kitchen renovations and remodeling take place. With the right experts working in your kitchen, you’ll have no problem transforming it into something entirely new!

At EA Home Design, we got the professionals that you need who will help you renovate your kitchen and bring in all the improvements and upgrades that will make your kitchen beautiful. Our experts honor themselves in looking for fine details in every room.

Top Class Renovation

From top to bottom, our team works with your ideas in your home and transforms your kitchen according to your tastes! From cabinetry to flooring, we got it all covered, all you have to do is call us and book your appointment!

Our services offer complete renovations that start from demolition to building a completely new kitchen. You can also call us to change some parts of the kitchen and make an impactful transformation.

We offer all modification services for your kitchen remodeling that include:

·        Flooring

From walls to flooring, we have many design ideas. Whether you want porcelain tiles or hardwood floors, we have all the options available for you. Based on your choice, our team performs all parts of the installation. Beginning with prepping the old floor to installing the new ones and then finishing it off with the right polish or stain.

·        Cabinetry

The most demanded option from our clients is custom-made cabinetry. Our focus is on quality and design. With years of experience in the field, we look at the design ideas you provide, and then, considering your budget, we endeavor to provide you with the best quality cabinetry according to your plan that comprises high-quality customized cabinets with expert styles and professional finishes that meet all your kitchen expectations!

·        Appliance Installation

A smart home is a perfect home. Installing modern appliances in your home will not only upgrade it, but it will also make your work easier. Most old appliances are larger than you need them to be which not only makes your overall kitchen look old but also takes up extra space that you can turn into storage, resulting in making your kitchen look smaller than it really is.

Our team is expert at giving the right advice when it comes to making your home smart with the right appliances. Therefore, if you want the right guidance in turning your home beautiful, contact EA home design today!

·        Increasing Storage Space

Most people look to renovate their kitchen mostly due to scarce space. Sometimes it’s the kitchen layout that’s making the kitchen look smaller, sometimes, it’s the size of all design elements that are coming in the way, so, if you want to fix that, take some ideas from us and make some well-deserved ample space in your kitchen.

Wrapping up

With the right team at task, you can have the best renovations. Therefore, if you want to go for renovations, these are the tips that you need!

5 Ideas to Save Money on Your Bathroom Remodeling!

When one is thinking of remodeling any part of their home, the biggest worry they have is the money they have to spend and invest in the space. You need to create a budget here and look for options that will help you save money instead of causing you to spend thousands.

Here are some ideas that you can try in your bathroom remodeling project!

1.    Salvage all Sanitary Ware

Do you know how to restore items? Well, if you know how to do that, then make your next visit to the thrift store count. If you have an eye for beautiful pieces, your visit there won’t be in vain. You can find some super cool stuff at very low prices and then use them in your bathroom remodeling after restoring them to their former glory!

This way, you’ll have the budget to spend on more important things like the plumbing and tiles of the bathroom that cannot be old and restored, they need to be top-notch so that your bathroom doesn’t fall apart.

2.    Do Not Relocate Your Bathroom Placements

Relocating bathtub placements or sink placements can cause you to lose a lot of money. You or the renovators will need to dig into the ground to access the plumbing in order to relocate any of the bathroom stuff. This is why focus your attention on the upper surfaces and try to remodel your bathroom that way. This way, you will keep the renovation prices at bay.

3.    Go for Affordable Using Items

Sanitary ware can be bought from different sellers. You can also replace them often without a problem. Therefore, look for affordable stuff. When you go to get cheaper stuff, you make room to spend on other aspects of your remodeling journey. There are always alternatives that sell the same pieces at a cheaper price, all you have to do is research correctly!

4.    Features that Trick the Eye can Make a Difference

When you have a small bathroom, you can add pieces that trick the eye and make the room look more spacious than it actually is. Like using a hanging vanity that allows you to see the floor underneath. This way, you have more space and a better bathroom that doesn’t look too small.

Another tricking idea is to add a mirror in the right spot, this also makes a room look larger with the illusion of the room in the mirror.

5.    Keep it Simple

.a renovation needs to be as simple as you can make it. This way, you don’t end up spending all of your budgets and this results in actually saving it instead. The simpler your design idea is for your bathroom renovation, the more cost-effective it is.

Final Thoughts

With these designs, you get the best bathroom renovations and end up saving a lot of money as well! Take up these tips in your next renovation and make your bathroom remodel beautigful!

Best Bathroom Remodeling

5 Tips to Follow for a Beautiful Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget

The most comfortable place in a house that should meet all of your needs is the bathroom. When you go to restaurants and hotels and find spectacularly designed bathrooms that are outlined to perfection, you get the urge to compliment them as soon as you return to your table.

Why is that? You are so impressed by the designs and comfort they provide that you want to use them every day! Well, you can make your dream come true! How? You may ask.

So, here are some tips that you need to follow when you’re designing or renovating your bathroom. And of course, everything should come under your budget.

1.    First of All, Create a Budget

When you put money into any part of your home, you’re investing in it. So it’s better not to pinch your money. But that’s not to say that you have to spend it all. This is why creating a budget is essential whenever you’re planning to renovate any part of your home.

In a bathroom remodel, the trick is to research all the quality ingredients needed to elevate your space and look at the different choices you have. Looking at the local prices, decide the best ones for your home, but never compromise on quality or you will have your home falling apart in a few years.

2.    Now, What Kind of Bathroom Do You Want?

So, there are three different bathrooms that people have in their homes. These are:

  • A standard bathroom
  • A half bath
  • A wet bathroom

A standard bathroom has all the bathroom elements. From a sink and a bath to a shower and a toilet. Sometimes a standard bath has one of the two, a full bath or a shower. Depending on your needs and bathroom space, you can add whatever you want.

A half bath is also called a powder room. This bathroom doesn’t have space for a shower, it is only composed of a sink and toilet. Suitable to put in as an attached bathroom with living rooms or drawing rooms for guests.

A wet bathroom doesn’t have separate stalls and spaces for a shower or bathtub. It is fully waterproof and is a universally accepted design in bathrooms. It is a favorite in bathroom designs as you don’t have to worry about anything or obstacles getting in the way, you can wet the whole bathroom without worry. It is also a budget-friendly option to create. All you need to spend money is on waterproofing!

3.    A Layout is a Must before Starting the Design

Now that you know what type of bathroom you want, you can think about the layout. There are countless variations for that. If you’re renovating your bath, most people prefer to keep the same layout as they are comfortable with the position of their bath, toilet, and sink. Sometimes, it’s the layout that compelled you to renovate, so you can change that!

4.    A Bathtub or Not to Bathtub

Traditionally people like to have a bathtub as it’s a relaxing thing. However, looking at the space of your bathroom, you can opt to not have one. It also depends on your budget. Do you have the budget to keep a bathtub? If yes then go for it1

However, if you have a limited budget, then you can install a shower instead and keep room for a bathtub later on!

5.    A Little Luxury to Add Comfort

To spruce up comfort and have the option for storage, you can add little luxuries and make your bathroom one of the best places at home. Little luxuries like heated tiles and heated towel rail also make your bathroom top-notch, so try adding in that!

Wrapping Up

With these tips, you can have the bathroom you desire! Just follow these tricks and tell me how you like your renovation!

Why Hiring a Kitchen Remodeling Expert is Better Than DIY?

Do you have a vision for your dream kitchen? Or perhaps, you want to remodel your kitchen as a whole? Your dream can come true when you hire a kitchen remodeling and renovation expert. You can always add function and beauty with the top trending kitchen designs and layout ideas to your kitchen by hiring kitchen remodeling contractors than DIY.

Should You DIY or Hire A Kitchen Remodeling Specialist?

The kitchen is the heart of any home; and one of the most visited spaces that every homeowner wants to have exceptionally beautiful and highly functional. You deserve a beautiful home with spectacularly designed and extremely functional kitchens. Home and kitchen remodeling specialists aim to help you get the kitchens of your dreams.

Unlike an amateur DIY homeowner, home and kitchen remodeling pros use the latest and advanced technologies along with the best and high-quality materials to deliver the work. Kitchen design and renovation possibilities are endless when you hire kitchen renovation and remodeling experts.


EA Home Design has been providing elite-level professional kitchen remodeling services to hundreds of clients. Our success is evident in the prior projects that we have successfully completed for our clients across different regions.


All-In-One Kitchen Remodeling Services for Your Needs

Kitchen renovation is not a DIY job; since a minor error can trouble you a lot ultimately. For instance, when remodeling a kitchen you have to work on fixing electric appliances as well. Any mistake during the process might result in a pitfall for you and your family.


Kitchen remodelers make sure to consider each detail of the project, gave complete attention to work, and deliver what the homeowners and potential clients are looking for. In addition, they also offer you complete kitchen remodeling services for your ease.


  1. A plethora of Kitchen Cabinet Designs

A wide range of high-quality kitchen cabinet portfolios a service provider will offer you; those too at the most possible reasonable prices. EA Home Design assists you in choosing the right kitchen cabinets for your kitchen to make it more classic and chic. A few cabinet design ideas include exotic color-block, flat fronts, cottage chic, hidden space, shaker style, and more.

  1. Countertops

The options for countertops range from basic granite to rare stones, from natural marble to fine quartz. Kitchen renovation experts will assist you in choosing the ideal size and form to match the rest of your design, from kitchen fittings to cabinet hardware. They will help you choose and arrange pot fillers, kitchen sink faucets, garbage disposals, kitchen cabinets, cabinet hardware, and kitchen lighting to re-design your kitchen to a new one.


  1. Tiles and Flooring

Depending on how you use your kitchen area, you can choose between porcelain tiles or natural stone tiles for the floor. These two options are both strong and durable, so they can withstand tremendous wear over time. However, a kitchen expert can help you achieve the required style using their wide range of flooring solutions. Every style and price range may be accommodated by the endless number of tile selections they provide.


Ultimate Benefits of Hiring a Kitchen Remodeling Pro

Updating your old kitchen requires more than just cosmetic changes; it also needs a balance of comfort and functionality to make it highly functional for your lifestyle. A kitchen remodeling service provider will design and plan your kitchen step-by-step so that it meets your demands and lifestyle. The best kitchen design for your classic or modern kitchen makeover will be possible with the help and expert assistance of EA Home Design in XYZ.


Here are the ultimate and optimal benefits of getting your kitchen renovated:


  • Lessens Energy Costs.
  • Augments Sustainability.
  • Update an Awkward Layout.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Safety.
  • Boost Your Home’s Resale Value.
  • Increase Energy & Water Savings.
  • Increase the Value of Your Home.


Wrapping It Up

You may expedite the process and make the most of your time and money by working with a professional kitchen remodeler on your kitchen makeover.


You can always contact any home and kitchen remodeling expert for any of your needs without having a second thought.

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