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Best Small Kitchen Ideas and Designs for 2017

Today, nearly every homeowner wants a massive kitchen. It is normal for us to dream of a large kitchen diner with space for range cooker, kitchen diner, and a large dining table to accommodate multiple guests. However, your kitchen doesn’t have to be large to be glamorous. Instead of worrying yourself about space, you can focus on making the most out of the not so big kitchen space. With small kitchens, it’s all about creative designs and stylish insights.

Cabinetry-Appliances Integration

Being short of kitchen space shouldn’t deprive you of creativity. With ideal planning, you can find a way of fusing appliances into your cabinetry. You will not only save incredible space but also make a compact space appear sleek. In this design, let the range cooker occupy the central space with tulipwood units taking the other spaces within the row. Seemingly, the coffee machine and warming drawer can form a functional bank. You would have squeezed essential appliances within your small kitchen.

The U-Shaped Design

You can add interest to a tiny kitchen space by simply combining a range of materials in a captivating way. Think of hi-gloss units and Zebrano-veneer cabinets; they make a perfect combination. To be on the safer side, this design shouldn’t involve walls being overstocked with units. Even more, wall cladding seems to blend well with this U-shaped kitchen design. For those in need of extra storage space, you can think of one wall of cupboards on one side with an open shelving on the other one.

Movable Storage Rails and Trolleys

If the kitchen space is too small to provide sufficient storage space, you can think of investing in a kitchen trolley. With this, you will have an added prep surface, which can be easily pushed away when you do not need it. Even more, it will provide you with an additional space for storing pots, and cookery books. More amazingly, it can also serve as food or drinks whenever you have visitors around.

Embrace Open Shelving

If your kitchen is small, you do not have to make it appear any more crowded. For such kitchens, there is always the temptation of cramming several units within the rooms to create additional storage space. By doing so, you will only be making the room appear smaller. Do you want to keep your small kitchen nice and tidy? Think of wall mounted plate racks and open shelves.

Rethink your Appliances

At times, you need to think beyond changing the design of your small kitchen.  Sometimes, what you need is a change in your kitchen appliances. You should embark on using appliances that perform more than a single role. For instance, you can invest on a steam combi oven or combi-microwave. Alternatively, you can opt for smaller but trendy kitchen appliances. You wouldn’t need additional storage space if you make such arrangements. At the end of the day, what matters is making the most out of your small kitchen space without feeling the need for extra space.


Awesome Best Bathroom Design for Small Bathrooms

We have to admit; your bathroom might be the tiniest room within your home but that doesn’t give you any reason to make to the snuggest room in the house. With a touch of creativity, you can turn the small bathroom space into your favorite spot. How do you achieve this? You just need to embrace trendy bathroom inspirations.

Installing a Corner

With limited bathroom space, even the smallest sink can interfere with the narrow traffic lane within the bathroom. In such cases, having a corner sink across from the toilet is preferable than one placed across from the shower.

Opt for a Shower Curtain

Instead of struggling with the wooden door that moves in and out, you can simply embrace the idea of having a sliding shower curtain. They save incredible space and even more, takes off a few bucks from the bathroom remodeling budget. Just be sure enough to get a frosted, waterproof curtain that is easy to clean.

Extend the countertop

Using wood slabs or stones, you can actually extend the counter and still keep the bathroom sleek and presentable. The extra space can serve as additional storage or placement counter for soap and other items. It doesn’t have to affect the toilet placement if carried out the professional way. Involve an expert if you want the best out of this.

Mounting Towel Bar on the Door

If you are struggling with limited space, you can have the towel bar mounted on the door. This keeps the towel within a reachable distance. Due to limited storage space, you might be forced to keep the other towels in a nearby closet. However, you will be able to have that one towel you need within the bathroom and within range.

Invest in curbless showers

Without the curb around your shower, it is possible to have the flooring continue well into the shower. It blends well with concrete, tile, and even stone slab floors. There is also the advantage of curbless showers being easier to clean. This idea supports continual flooring, which gives a spacious feel.

Hanging Toilets

It is possible to save floor space and have more room for your legs by simply choosing wall-mounted toilets over the conventionally built-in tank version. This provides more room for shelving. You can use that space to build a small shelve that gives provision for additional storage.

Forego the tub

In extreme cases, you might want to sacrifice the tub to create additional hallway space within the bathroom. Truth be told, bathtubs takes up to twice or more bathroom space compared to showers. As such, doing away with the tub can create significant space within the bathing room. On average, you spend more time in the shower than inside the bathtub, so you won’t feel a great loss if you sacrifice the latter.

Making your small bathroom a special part of your home doesn’t have to be gruesome. Instead of blaming the limited space, get creative and make the most out of it using these insightful ideas!

20 Tips to Get the Ultimate Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, there are certain ideas that can never go wrong. To change the look of your kitchen, therefore, you only need to embrace such ideas. At EA Home Design, we serve you with the ultimate list of 20 kitchen insights worth checking out.

Ideal Lighting

A well-lit kitchen is a beautiful kitchen. While focusing on lighting, you should strive to install the light in strategic places. For instance, you can embrace in-light cabinets. You can also take advantage of wall mounts lamps. They are essential in illuminating prep zones and working areas including the sink and Kitchen Island.

Creative Food Preparation Station

Modern cabinetry is more flexible and allows for seamless add-on options. For instance, you can decide to make your kitchen more efficient by investing in cabinetry with built-in knife storage. Think of having a drawer with a pullout cutting board just under the food prep surface. You will have an easy time preparing food and cleaning the surface.

Redefine Storage

If you take a closer look at most kitchens, the space above the refrigerator tends to lie idle. You can make the most out of this space by installing a small cabinet for storing appliances that are rarely used in the kitchen. Alternatively, you can embrace the idea of open shelving. It will provide a perfect display for special decorative kitchen items.

Think of Window Treatments

The benefits that come with window treatments are innumerable. They give room for additional privacy, control of light and extra decoration. For an easier task, you can think of treating your windows with fabrics that can easily be cleaned in the washing machine. Go slow on the wood blinds that might require special cleaning routines. Even more, cellular shades that demand regular vacuuming aren’t the best options for window treatments.

Rediscover the Farmhouse Formula

Matching marble countertops and farmhouse sink seem have stood the test of times. Blending the two gives your kitchen a revamped and admirable look. They have remained preferable for ages. The trend isn’t about to change anytime soon.

The Professional Way

You can decide to make your kitchen look different by opting for a profession as opposed to the reserved home-style look. Visit a nearby restaurant and analyze the professional kitchen trends. It will challenge you to invest in certain appliances like steel pot rack.

The Bizarre Color Craze

Well, you might have been used to the black and white kitchen with slight variations of gray. It doesn’t have to be so, every time. You can think of using bright colors on the center cabinetry with extraordinary island color.

Additional Banquette Sitting Space

Do you want to turn an unutilized kitchen corner space into an eating area? Simply invest in a banquette. More amazingly, you can even have an additional storage space just under the bench seating.

Try Glass Fronts

For a perfect display of your cutlery, you can decide to invest in glass fronts. Even more, they add an open, bright feeling to the kitchen. For an enhanced display, you can think of mixing them with solid door cabinetry.

The Prep Island

If the island is large enough, you can add a sink at the center space to make it an additional prep space. You would have added more space to the kitchen without necessarily thinking of a kitchen extension plan.

Under-counter Refrigerator

Who said the refrigerator must just be a single, large unit at the corner of the houses? You can make use of the small space below the counter by turning into a built-in refrigeration system.

Ideal Island

Most islands tend to assume the common concrete look. For a modern day homeowner, you can think outside the box and go for a furniture island. The additional shelves on the sides can be used as storage space for cookbooks and other kitchen essentials.

Accessible Dishware

The perfect kitchen is one that is easily accessible. Make your work easier by having the dishware shelve closer to the dishwasher. This enhances the cleaning process.

Stylish Backsplash

If you want to give your kitchen a revamped look, then investing in a stylish backsplash is the way to go. You want your walls to be protected from occasional messy splashes. Make the kitchen space even more sparkling by using glass tiles in a graphic mosaic design.

Special Storage

Your kitchen deserves a sleek look. Sprawling small kitchen appliances like the blender, toaster, microwave oven all over the kitchen denies it the deserving look. Have a special appliance garage within the room for storing all the small appliances.

Kitchen Workstation

A kitchen workstation is a perfect spot for your little one to do her homework when dinner is being prepared. A simple built-in table and chair are all you need! Find it easy helping your little ones with their homework while preparing dinner.

Glittering Galley

Draw the eye of everyone entering your kitchen with scraped maple floors and glass tile mosaic backsplash. Make the kitchen even more glamorous by investing in under cabinet lightings. If you want everyone who steps inside your kitchen to have a different feel, this is the way to go.

Wood Paneling

You can transport everyone who steps into your kitchen back to the grandma’s country kitchen by going for wood paneling. Also referred to as shiplap, this design is ideal for a clean, sleek finish.

Mixed Hardware Finish

Look around, and you will notice that most homeowners opt for monochromatic stainless steel looks. Do something different to your home by opting for a blend of various finishes including copper, pewter, and gold.

The Hutch Style

It is so easy boosting your kitchen storage space by taking advantage of a built-in hutch. Even more, it enhances the look of your kitchen and further provides you with unmatchable display space. This design blends well with closed cabinets mixed with open shelving.

The Perfect Outlook

Most people tend to focus on function only when it comes to kitchen design or remodeling. Well, the outlook of your cooking space matters a great deal. Find incredible ways of expressing your personality by undertaking special projects like painting the cabinets in sleek colors.

10 Best Bathroom Remodel Tips and Ideas

Your bathroom is the most private space you probably have in your home. As such, it deserves a sense of personalization and a touch of great feeling. With ideal bathroom remodeling project, you can turn the small boring space you have always considered as your bathroom into a glamorous room. So how exactly do you achieve this? The best bathroom remodels projects are ones that are well planned for. You need to have an idea of what it takes to ensure ultimate success. At EA Home Design, we offer you a complete guide.

  1. Have Everything in Place

Ideal bathroom remodeling projects might at times mean going for special decorative and functional items. To be one the safer side, it is advisable making prior orders and having everything together before making the ultimate decision of rolling out the project. Nothing can be so frustrating than waiting for long time deliveries that don’t seem to come through. From the plumbing fixtures to the vanity tops, ensure everything is in place before the project is commissioned.

  1. Think of ripping the underlayment

In most cases, renovation of bathroom involves removal of the old flooring. This process can be time-consuming. Ripping up the underlayment together with the flooring provides you with an easier and timely alternative. To enhance the process further, it is advisable to divide the underlayment into sections and cut them. Observably, you will have to start from scratch when it is putting a new flooring.

  1. Choose your tiles wisely

Glass and mosaic tiles tend to be more expensive. The truth is, you do not need so much of them to make your bathroom appear glamorous. You can opt for accent tile design. Only use the high-end and fashionable tiles along the borders. This will give your bathroom a unique look without the need to break a bank.

  1. Try Curved Shower Rods

It might seem like one of those easy to ignore aspects. However, curved shower rods tend to add extra space to the shower. Although you are likely to pay more for the same, it is worth every dollar. For one, they have a deserving appeal, almost irresistible. The fact that they are attached to the walls using screws as opposed to tension, evident in straight shower rods, saves you the worry of the shower rod losing grip and falling.

  1. Updated Lighting

The best bathrooms exhibit proper lighting. You do not want to work on the other bathroom parts and leave the lights untouched; you can trust me on that. Special lighting is necessary at strategic corners of the bathroom. You can also embrace recessed lighting over the shower. Besides bathing, you will need the bathing room for shaving and application of makeup. As such, the light should be sufficient to allow easy carrying out of such activities. For the best results, ensure you go for lighting systems rated for washrooms.

  1. Find a center of focus

You might want to go slow on your bathroom-remodeling project. We understand that. However, you need to invest in at least one aspect that makes your bathroom stand out from the rest. Do you have a special attachment to the faucets? Think of having brass models. As opposed to the common porcelain sinks, try something new like a custom stone one. If your budget can allow, you can even consider a bathtub made of natural stone. At the end of the day, you need to find that one thing that will draw people’s attention the moment they set eyes on your bathroom. It doesn’t have to make you drained, but it is worth when it costs a little more than the other functional or decorative items.

  1. Don’t Compromise on Ventilation

Nothing can be so devastating than a luxurious bathroom with ventilation woes. The greatest enemy to any bathroom renovation project is moisture. With poor ventilation, molds and mildew will quickly find themselves inside your bathroom. At EA Home design, we advise our clients to invest invent fans and Opt for newer models which are more stylish and tend to blend well with modern bathrooms. Advisably, you should focus on making the window more spacious to allow in fresh air. That will reduce mold prevalence associated with dampening conditions.

  1. Don’t Overestimate DIY skills

To give the bathroom a personalized feel, it is fair enough getting involved in most of the procedures. However, you should have a firm grip on your limits. Have a thorough assessment of what you can comfortably do and what might as well be left for experts. You can trust me on one thing; you do not want to spend more by calling someone to fix something you messed up. Let the pros handle their part, if you want the authentic feel of a luxurious, modern day bathroom. At EA Home Design, we work hard not to let down our clients so you can always be certain of worthy services.

  1. Additional Bathroom Storage

The modern bathroom should display an ample storage space for your personal effects. You aren’t a college student anymore so don’t think of plastic units hanging above the showerhead. Grant your bathroom the deserving look by investing in built-in modern ceramic tile shelving. Be fair enough to have a medicine cabinet in the shower room, in the case of any emergency.

  1. Within the Budget

Budgeting is a great concern when it comes to bathroom remodeling. You do not want to start a project and leave it halfway due to financial constraints. To avoid any looming disappointment, you should have a plan and discuss it with your remodeling design expert. Have an idea of everything you need and find out if they fit within your budget. Where necessary, you can go slow on luxurious renovation ideas as you embrace budget friendly insights.

Giving your bathroom a revamped look doesn’t have to be a hectic process as some might have been tempted to believe. You can make the most out of your remodeling project by simply keeping an eye on these tips coupled with a thorough consultation. Let me know if you need help for bathroom remodeling. Call us today!

Incredible Kitchen Design Ideas worth Checking Out

For many people, the kitchen is more than a meal preparation parlor. Modern kitchen design ideas have the capabilities of transforming plain kitchens into glamorous cooking sanctuaries. The amazing aspect is that it doesn’t have to cost you fortunes to revitalize the looks of your kitchen. Simple modern kitchen ideas can transform what you have always considered ordinary into a more efficient cooking area; increasing the value of your home in the process. So what are some of these ideas? Let’s consider a brief insight.

Think of open kitchen shelving

Walk straight into many kitchens and have a look at the cabinet. You will agree that most of them have doors. Opting for free-end cabinets means following the less-treaded paths. Do you want to reveal the beauty of your latest kitchen additions without necessarily making your friends feel that you are showing off? Simply embrace the idea of open kitchen shelving. There is no better way of showing the array of complete kitchen makeover you recently acquired than putting them in open kitchen shelves. Let the roaming friends have something to talk about when they pass by your kitchen.

Adopting open kitchen shelving doesn’t necessarily mean doing away with the conventional closed cabinets. Those should be reserves for locking up your precious mugs and stylish dining set collections. You can always talk to our professional kitchen design experts to help you strike a coordinated balance between the two.

Additional Storage Space

Do you feel your kitchen is getting smaller for the extensive kitchen makeover you are acquiring? Expanding the kitchen space is not the only way of improving the storage capacity of your kitchen. You can embrace other creative and cost effective ideas. Think of installing swing-out cabinets. You not only have additional space for utensil storage but also grants a better view of the captivating kitchen makeovers stored inside.

Light the hidden Parts

Everyone does overhead lighting of the kitchens. There is nothing extraordinary in that. Moving closer to embrace the idea of lighting hidden parts like under the cabinets makes your kitchen unique. You can take advantage of modern designs to give your kitchen a better look through under cabinet lights. Installing such lights makes it easier for you to locate whatever you want from the kitchen cabinets at night in addition to giving your cooking space a peculiar look.

Time to embrace kitchen backsplash

Who enjoys removing grease stains and other dirt elements from the kitchen walls? It is something we do out of necessity, just to ensure our cooking spaces remain spotlessly clean. Otherwise, we would be so grateful if we can find ways of lessening such effects. Many people are currently embracing the idea of the kitchen backsplash. It is not a costly option but one that will save you the unnecessary work of tiding your kitchen on a regular basis. With the help of our experienced kitchen design experts, you can find better ways of giving your kitchen a better look in an effortless way. Simply give us that definitive call!

What you need to know before embarking on Bathroom Remodeling

Beauty is appealing, attractive, and almost addictive. We all love it. That explains why many homeowners will go extra miles to transform the look of their homes and remodel their bathrooms. Notably, we only get to achieve the elegance we so much desire when everything works out right. In the past, you might have had your expectations crushed by a home remodeling company because you had no clue of what to expect. Even more, you might not have had the facts with you. At EA Home Design, we believe in making a difference. As such, we insist on enlightening them on what to expect when bathroom remodeling is involved.

Patience is key

Once you make up your mind to renovate your bathroom, the urge to have the changes effected immediately becomes overwhelming. In the process, you might be tempted to rush the experts into squeezing their plans and completing the project way before its due time. Truth be told, projects cannot be rushed and expected to come out correctly. At the end of the day, one has to sacrifice; either time or perfection. I am certain you wouldn’t want to forgo the latter at the expense of the former. Giving design experts and professional builders ample time to execute their duties will ensure you end up with what you have always desired.

Dare to decide

Making up your mind is critical when it comes to bathroom remodeling. It will not only affect the ultimate outcome but also the time taken for services delivery. Any changes or possible deletions of the initial plans at the client’s request will mean change in design, which will have an ultimate effect on overall completion of the project. It is fair enough, both for you and the experts involved, to decide early enough on what you need and how best you would like the new bathroom to look. Constantly changing your mind in the course of the project is likely to hinder the progress.

Be ready for modifications

Before seeking the services of home remodeling experts, all of us have an idea of what we would love to be accomplished at the end of the project. However, certain constraints like resource and space might make it difficult to have the exact kind of modern bathroom model we might have wanted before. The happiest person in such cases is one who embraces changes and is willing to shelve part of his plans for something better. Every job site meeting might mean a slight modification of the original design. In most cases, the design experts will work hand in hand with the client to ensure he or she is kept abreast with the ongoing proceedings. Worth noting, such changes might not necessarily imply increases in costs. Unless stated otherwise, your choice of service providers should be able to stick to the initial quotes. The perfect home remodeling experts are those who act in your best interest like EA Home Design professionals; you will always have a reason to smile!

EA Home Design Kitchen Designer Beats Top Contenders in Fall 2016 Showcase Your Space Remodel Contest

At the beginning of fall 2016, Waypoint Living Spaces held a design contest bringing together its multiple dealers. In a contest registering more than 250 entries, EA Home Design managed to take home the highly coveted award in the kitchen design category. From what the judges shared, the results were based on creativity, details, and authenticity. What could have made EA Home Design bag the award at the expense of the other close rivals? What are some of the lessons a homeowner can take from the outcome? Which small kitchen remodeling ideas can you take from that?

Well, it doesn’t have to be spacious to be glamorous or even have enough storage space. What you need is imagination; insightful ideas that will turn your small kitchen space into a cooking haven. Our recent victory in the fall 2016 Waypoint Living Spaces Showcase Your Space remodel contest tells it all. How did we do it? Which other innovative ideas can make your small cooking space a dream kitchen?

Fit Cabinets in Unusual Spaces

A huge chunk of kitchen remodeling budget seems to go into the cabinets. Ideally, they also tend to take the largest storage spaces. For someone having a small kitchen with limited storage space, what options do you have? You can save immense space by having the cabinetry right under your feet! Have you ever thought of installing small cabinets on the floor? You can achieve this in a trap door style. For those who are not ready to turn their floors into cabinets, you have the option of utilizing the idle corners. Certain cabinets are specifically meant for corners. You can take advantage of that. You might probably be wondering how this will work out. You do not have to stress yourself because our award-winning experts have you covered! We will design and build the cabinets for you!

Restructure the Existing Cabinets

Another insightful way of remodeling your kitchen for optimum usage is by revamping the existing cabinets. You do not have to think beyond your nose to get this done. You can start with a simple idea like idea shelves within your cabinets. This maximizes the storage spaces therein. Open-ended cabinets are becoming popular with each growing day. Well, you can take advantage of this for additional storage space. Remove unnecessary cabinet doors and let your appliance collections enjoy an amazing free-end view. Are you wondering how you are going to go about this? You don’t have to. We figured out the Showcase Your Space remodel Contest. We will figure out yours too!

Explore Your Kitchen

Well, making your smaller kitchen everyone’s envy doesn’t have to involve physical changes. At times, you just need to be a little more creative and get the work done! Some of the excellent space savers have come out of the most surprising areas. You can use your dishwasher for more than what it is meant for. It can serve as an extra counter space. You can also think of a roll-out dishwasher that simply fits under the counter! Our award-winning designers can help you figure out all these and much more! Simply make the decisive call; we will be waiting!

EA Home Design Bags Fall 2016 Waypoint Living Spaces Showcase Your Space Remodel Contest Award

Giving your kitchen a modern look is costly; that is what most people say. Well, EA Home Design’s awards in the just concluded Waypoint Living Spaces showcase your space remodel competition might have been a shocker for many people who hold this belief. With a trendy design and affordable home addition ideas, EA Home Design managed to come top in Kitchen Design category.

Many people miss it all when it comes to the ideal kitchen look. The best kitchen is one that is functional and reflects its users. It doesn’t have to resemble the high-end design you saw in an interior decor magazine. Our experts understand this concept beyond imagination. That might as well explain why we emerged winners in the fall 2016 Waypoint Living Spaces Showcase Your Space remodel contest. Which ideas inspired our designs? How well can you use them to give your kitchen a deserving face lift?

Do Your Research

If there is one thing you need to spend before carrying out kitchen remodeling, it is time. The best kitchen ideas come out of quality time investment. Which remodeling options do you have? Which choices excite you? Our professionals are always up to date with the latest kitchen designs. We understand what clients need and even more know what works for individuals homeowners and what doesn’t. For some, we would simply recommend ready designs like the ones featured in our winning competition. For others yet, we will have our experts advise you on how best to customize your kitchen to grant it the appealing look.

Go for Quality

You don’t need your kitchen to be full for it be glamorous. However, you need quality materials for your kitchen to look trendy and classy. One might not be able to afford the high-end crown molding for their cabinets but choosing the best quality of materials for the money you have is not an option. You have to go for the best material choices if your kitchen is to remain glaring and attractive for long.

Think the Island Way

Most modern kitchens have islands. Islands look great, especially when designed and built by experienced professional like EA Home Design experts. Worth noting, it might be costly, though. If building an island will strain your financial muscles, you can decide to try freestanding units. They look good and provide additional storage space but at affordable rates. Even more, you can decide to go for a simple table featuring roll-out-shelving units beneath them.

Transform the Lighting

Many homeowners miss it when it comes to kitchen lighting. They do not appreciate the idea of brightly lit kitchens. If you had no clue, transforming your kitchen could be as easy as investing in the custom kitchen light. Ideally, one of our winning points was the unique light display in our kitchen designs. The kitchen featured in the fall 2016 Waypoint Living Spaces Showcase Your Space remodel contest had ambient lighting. You can achieve a similar transformation with your kitchen. Think of modern lighting inspirations like pot lights, pendant lighting for islands, and under-counter lighting. You wouldn’t be disappointed.

2017 Trending Basement Renovation Ideas

For some homeowners, the basement space is the family junk room with half-empty tins of paint, old toys, and excess pictures without a space to hang them. For others yet, it is the unfinished parking space you simply use out of necessity. Well, it might not have occurred to you how valuable this space can get with a little touch of glamorous home remodeling. Unknowingly, this space provides you with an opportunity of increasing your living space and increasing the value of your home. Are you willing to convert the idle basement into something of greater value? The following insights can provide the perfect start.

Home Gym

Well, everyone desires good health and wants to stay in good shape. With our busy schedule, making it to the commercial gym every morning proves a hurdle. Well, your basement may be the savior you have been waiting for. With the help of experienced EA Home Design experts, you can turn this space into an effective family gym. You don’t need an extensive stretch of financial muscles to achieve this. After the renovation, you can start small by stocking it with treadmill, a couple of weights, mirrors and some simple exercise outfits. You can also decide to add a bathroom close by for convenience.

Man Cave

The idea of man room seems to have exploded in the recent decade. With official sites featuring man cave galleries, there couldn’t be any better way of utilizing the basement than turning it into an haven of peace. You can use this space to relax and decompress with ‘your boys.’ It is the little poker house or gaming joint away from town. You can explore a number of options like card playing, listening to cool music, and watching the game while in this room.

Family Room

A remodeled basement can be a perfect place for family and close friends to rest. For those having spacious basements, the structure will be fit for holding extended family gatherings where you can also get to play games and catch up with movies. The fact that basements are below-grade spaces make them cooler during summer months making them ideal for relaxing. In the colder months, you can take advantage of the varied heating systems.

Home Theater

You love watching movies and so is your better half and children. Well, you do not need to visit the cinemas every time you feel like having great movie experience. You can bring the experience home by turning the idle basement into a home theater. The fact that it is a basement gives you a sound buffer; now that is something worth taking advantage of!

Home Office

Are you working from home or just need a special space where you can continue with official duties away from the boring corners of your office? Well, you can take advantage of the basement space and transform it into something you have always desired. With innovative ideas from our EA Home Design experts, we can help you redesign this critical space the carefree way!

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