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Read This Before Finishing your Basement

You will agree with me that finished basement is a valuable addition to any home. In order to make the most out of this space, you need insight on basement remodeling ideas. How best can you make your basement and classic? What aspects do you need to have in mind before embarking on such a mission?

Keep it dry

Basements are prone to moisture issues. At the beginning, you must plan on how you will cope with the process. You need to be on the lookout for obvious signs like pools of water. Yet again, you should be able to confirm from outside that indeed the ground has been graded from the foundation. Dealing with cracks is also one way of keeping your basement dry, prior to renovations.

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5 Proven Ways to Save Money on Your Bathroom Remodel

Most homeowners will openly agree that remodeling a bath can be a costly venture. From replacing a tired vanity to redoing the bathroom flooring, one might end up spending more than the initial budget. However, no one wants to spend more than he is willing to. Every move to save money is therefore highly welcome. So how do you ensure an affordable bathroom renovation project?

Plan ahead

Working with professional designers or architects might seem like an expensive venture for someone renovating his lovely bathroom. However, it is only after the project that many people realize it is money well spent. With a worked-out plan, courtesy of professionals, you will end up with a realistic design. In the process, you will save yourself the pang of unnecessary surprises that can make bathroom renovation quite an expensive process.

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4 Simple Ways to Save Money on your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen renovation can be a grueling and costly task. For someone stepping into it without a firm background on saving money, you can end up breaking the bank. For the wise lot, however, you can achieve your dream and remain with undented financial stores. The trick is in identifying what works. For several years, EA Home Design experts have been on top of kitchen renovations. As such, we can confidently provide you with budget-friendly kitchen renovation ideas in Virginia that actually work.

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Budgeting Kitchen Renovation; the Essential Components

How much will renovating my kitchen cost me? Nearly all homeowners find themselves asking this question when it is time to remodel their kitchens. While it might sound like a grueling one, it is agreeable that anyone who wants to pull off a successful renovation project must find answers to this question. Sitting down and coming up with a realistic budget is the best way of approaching this thing. In most cases, the cost of revamping your kitchen depends on the materials used and the fixtures involved. That makes breaking down individual costs an important aspect of budgeting. So what are the costs of various components?

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Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Virginia

Kitchens have come a long way. From simple cooking spaces to party zones and family gathering spots, we must agree that it has been a long journey. However, we are not there yet. The modern kitchen has not only improved in terms of appeal but also functionality. Anyone looking forward to renovating his kitchen would really want to get the best of both worlds. So, which kitchen design inspirations should a homeowner in Virginia think of adopting?

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Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Embrace in 2017

For most people, the first few minutes and the last couple of minutes of each day are spent inside the bathroom. That makes it a special place. For such a space, you wouldn’t want something old and outdated. Instead, ambiance, glamour and radiance are necessary. That is why many homeowners consider bathroom renovation as one of the most essential home improvement project. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, it isn’t just about the having a sleek room. Staying updated with the latest trends is key. So what is available for homeowners upgrading their bathrooms in 2017?

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5 Tips to Upgrade your Old Bathroom

For long, bathrooms were merely functional spaces people only visited when in need of a quick shower. In recent years, however, there have been dramatic changes in how people view and use bathrooms. Today, many homeowners spend quality time in their bathrooms, a quiet time away from hustles of the world. If you are still seeing your bathroom as a bathing space you only visit in the morning for a rush bath, it’s time you do thing differently. It all starts by giving your old bathroom a renewed look. So what necessary changes should you make?

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5 Kitchen Renovation Secrets for Virginia Homeowners

Kitchen remodel projects have grown huge over the past few years. Today, the modern Virginia homeowner spends an average of $40000 doing his kitchen. For a full kitchen remodel, the cost can go up to $60,000. You might probably be asking yourself; isn’t that too high? Well, considering the recent functionality trends, it might not be right making such a conclusion. Your kitchen deserves the best. However, that doesn’t mean you should lay it all, spending the last penny in your account just to have your kitchen looking gorgeous. A couple of tips can help you handle the kitchen re-design aspect without necessarily spending your all.

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Trendy Kitchen Remodel Ideas in Virginia

If one of your resolutions in 2017 was to redesign or remodel your bathroom, it is never too late. Whether you want a luxurious space or just a cool bathing area, there is so much to choose from. For Virginia homeowners, you can always squeeze the most out of your bathroom, keeping in mind the latest trends. So what are some of the most popular bathroom remodel trends that you definitely don’t want to miss?

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