What You Should Consider When Planning a Home Renovation


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Whether planning a minor revision or a significant remodel, a professional home renovation can benefit many homeowners. This home improvement project can transform your living space and increase property value. It's also the best time to add extra space to accommodate a family member or improve living conditions.  However, like other things, it needs proper research and planning for successful execution. This step is crucial to help avoid disappointment or disasters needing costly repairs. It will also ensure the results meet your needs and exceed expectations.  If you want to ensure a stress-free project with your contractors, this article will enumerate what to consider when planning a home renovation. 

1. Plan Your Objectives 

Before starting a home renovation project, you must understand your motives and objectives. Remember that while home additions can be advantageous and look good in a room, they may not always be necessary because they could occupy much space you could otherwise use for other purposes. Sometimes, you only need a few modifications to your decor or furniture to create more room.  Once you've determined your objectives and are confident that a renovation is the best solution, you can seek design inspirations to transform your vision into a reality. Neglecting this step will set you up for failure and expensive mistakes.

2. Set a Reasonable Budget 

Before starting a home renovation project, you must create a budget considering your financial resources and limitations. You should know that your finances will guide the project design, not vice versa. You should also consider your financial leverage and how you plan to finance the project. Sometimes, your contracting company will offer home renovation loans and additions you can consider.  Moreover, you can manage your budget effectively by prioritizing your needs and wants and ranking them accordingly. That way, you can make intelligent financial decisions and ensure the project is an excellent future investment.

3. Design a New Space While Considering Functionality

You must consider functionality when designing a new space for your home renovation project. You want to create a great living area that serves its intended purpose. For example, if you're renovating your kitchen, you want a place that's easy to navigate and efficient for cooking and preparing meals.  You must also consider the room’s flow, the appliances’ placement, and the storage options available. You can achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality for your new space by working with an experienced designer or contractor.

4. Consider Property Lines and Available Space

When creating a design, consider how much space you must modify. Depending on your situation, expanding upwards instead of outwards may be ideal. However, if you want to expand outwards, determine how it will impact the surrounding areas and the obstacles you may face, like trees, power lines, or neighboring properties. Despite this, ensure you still have enough room for outside living space.

5. Determine the Inconveniences to Neighbors

When scheduling a home renovation project, consider its impact on your neighbors and lifestyle. You should also seek consent and communicate plans beforehand. Moreover, create a realistic timeline and allow extra time for potential delays.

6. Find the Right Construction Team

When scheduling a home renovation project, you must select a team to help you achieve your vision. You can either hire an architect, a designer, and a contractor separately or opt for a design-build firm that offers all services in one package. You should also research by seeking recommendations, reading reviews, and comparing options. Moreover, know that your team’s size and type will depend on your project’s scope and difficulty. 


A home renovation project lets you transform an ordinary living space into something more attractive, but that only works if you execute and plan for it correctly. You can avoid expensive mistakes by considering your needs, sticking to your goals, and working with a professional contractor.  If you need to schedule a professional home renovation in Northern Virginia, call EA Home Design! Our expert team is committed to helping homeowners avoid costly errors while creating a more attractive space. Let’s discuss your project now!

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