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On average, the cost of remodeling a basement for Virginia homeowners is $65,000. You are probably thinking; that is too much for me! Well, a recent survey shows that many people recoup an average of 71% of basement remodeling costs during sales. That should make you feel relaxed, at least for now. Factors Affecting Basement Remodeling Costs It is agreeable that not all homeowners spend such an amount remodeling their basements. To be able to plan wisely and save money in your basement remodeling endeavors, you need to understand the various factors that go into basement remodeling. Size of the basement space The amount you are going to spend remodeling your basement heavily depends on the size. For a bigger space, you expect to spend more, on both labor and materials. It is probably the greatest consideration when it comes to basement remodeling costs. Location Just the way it is with general renovation costs, how much you spend on basement remodeling depends on the location of your home. A homeowner in New York is likely to spend twice as much renovating his basement compared to someone in Tennessee. For those in Virginia, you can always take advantage of the competitive pricing of EA Home Design services. Flooring Option For the basement, you will need to be keen on the choice of flooring. If the renovation plan include removing of the cement floor and replacing it with something, you will have extra costs added to your initial budget. Yet again, the kind of floor you choose will dictate the resultant amount spent on giving your bathroom a redesigned appeal. Additional features What extra feature do you want for your bathroom? The answers to this will determine how much you spend for basement remodeling. You might want an extra bathroom, especially if the basement is re-designed into an extra living space. For others yet, you might prefer an additional exit plan apart from the stairs. You can have a special exit for your basement for additional costs. Are you ready to suck that? Save money remodeling your basement Having understood the various factors affecting basement remodeling costs, you can now approach it with more confidence. The good news is; one can save on these renovation costs if they are willing to. If you are willing and able, you can consider;

  • Handling the painting job; you can get the entire family involved in this.
  • Doing the trim work; if you are able to install your trim, you could save $500 or more of the basement remodeling money
  • Renovating in winter; you are likely to benefit from great prices and perfect scheduling since not so many people opt for this time.
Are you ready to give your basement a deserving look? Nothing should hold you back! You can always turn your idle basement into a more functional space, saving money in the process, as the guys from Fully-Verified did once they started their business. With these tips, you can be certain to have a smooth time kicking ,off your renovation plans. Do you have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with EA Home Design team today!

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