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If one of your resolutions in 2017 was to redesign or remodel your bathroom, it is never too late. Whether you want a luxurious space or just a cool bathing area, there is so much to choose from. For Virginia homeowners, you can always squeeze the most out of your bathroom, keeping in mind the latest trends. So what are some of the most popular bathroom remodel trends that you definitely don’t want to miss? Try a feature wall If you step inside most of the modern bathrooms today, you will realize something; a conspicuous center of focus. Having glossy and highly reflective surfaces across the wall of the bathroom is a good idea, but it is even better if you are able to turn one side of the walls into a masterpiece. It doesn’t have to be something out of the world. At times, all you need is a statement vanity or unique cabinet. You can also decide to adorn one of the walls with your favorite painting or wallpaper design. Keep it sleek If you aim is to have a modern, shiny bathroom at the end of the renovations, you must be careful in the choice of cabinet. High-gloss fitted furniture provides the perfect start. Accentuate this modern feel by further investing in wall-hung cabinets. You have the option of doing pullout storage, which is equally great for keeping your bathroom space contemporary. If a luxurious bathroom is all you have always wanted, you can consider a mirrored glass just above the bath. Glossy Tiles A shiny bathroom comes with a sense of irresistible charm. You can frame your bathroom for the glossy appeal by simply starting with high-gloss ceramic tiles. Make this count by going for the upsize format. Opting for such tiles makes your bathroom feel more spacious and glamorous than ever before. S The Natural Look For some homeowners, nothing inspires them like the appeal of nature. Well, you can transfer that right inside your bathroom. Stop for a moment and try to imagine the sweet, rugged look stone-curved baths and basis would add to your bathroom. You can definitely supplement this look by choosing settling on stone flooring or walls. Just be careful enough to choose slip-resistant varieties. In the past, textured wall paintings and wooden surfaces have also helped enhance the natural appeal. You can take advantage of that. Such materials create a relaxed environment that everyone wants to have. Single block hues For too long, the white on white trend has dominated most bathrooms. 2017 is the time to veer away from the norm and try something new. You can incorporate two or more bold colors, perfectly integrated to give your bathroom a renewed sense of appeal. Think of something out of the ordinary like painting one side of the wall in a single contrasting color. You can also decide to adorn a vanity unity in your favorite color. Giving your bathroom a redefined look doesn’t have to be so complicated, right?

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