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The Kitchen Trends That Are Going To Be Everywhere

New year, new kitchen trends. While minimalism and rose gold appliances were, the new year is bringing in a few different ideas for the heart of the household. If you're planning a kitchen reno—or just want to be inspired—you need to know what designers and renovation companies are planning for you. White Cabinets Are Over The swing toward bold colored cabinetry instead of the expected white. It gives a kitchen a personality and finishes. Using color on cabinets, walls, and even appliances (like a plum-colored LaCanche range she's currently installing for one lucky client). Minty Fresh Even more specifically, designers say mint green is the color du jour. Everyone seems to want light green cabinetry, which is still squarely in style. Natural Stone To balance out all that color, incorporate natural elements. People are falling in love with the abstract canvases painted by Mother Nature and using natural stone beyond countertops. Designers are continuing the stone material to waterfall edges and tall backsplashes. Sometimes they carry the stone to the ceiling, and you can even fabricate drawer fronts and hood vent covers out of natural stone. Matte Black Everything Meanwhile, as cabinets are getting bolder, some appliances are taking a different type of dramatic turn. Matte black fixtures and hardware are growing in popularity. What was once a minimal and stark choice in all white modern kitchens is now a fun way to subtly add contrast to wood cabinets and more traditional. High Tech As our devices get smarter, so, too, do our kitchens. Our designers doesn't see going anywhere is tech seamlessly integrated into appliances they say. For example, refrigerators, which features a touch screen, interior cameras, and WiFi connectivity, so you can search recipes from the fridge, see what's inside while you're shopping, and leave notes and reminders to family members. It doesn't get much smarter than that. Hoodless Ventilation No hood is the new hood. The hidden hoods are the biggest trend of the year. Homeowners going for this cleaner, modern look might use alternative elements like downdraft ventilation. Two-Tone Mixing two different cabinet colors sounds scary, but it looks seriously gorgeous. Seeing wood cabinets paired with painted cabinets—uppers or lowers, you take your pick—is very much a thing. Chunky Hardware One place clients aren't going minimal is on hardware, designers agree. These fixtures are very noticeable and have a vintage feel to them, as inspiration. Decorative elements like big chunky hardware bring the colorful finishes full circle. Clutter-Free Counters We've had several requests for appliance cabinets—no one wants anything showing anymore, not even coffee makers on the countertops." Time to tidy up!

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