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5 Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas to Elevate Your Space


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The vanity is very versatile when it comes to the bathroom design. It does not only work for the purpose of functionality and is essential in the aesthetics of the bathroom. Whether you are replacing the bathroom vanity or building from scratch, using an appropriate design to match the rest of the space will turn the bathroom into something special. Here are five stylish and practical bathroom vanity design ideas to inspire your next project:Here are five stylish and practical bathroom vanity design ideas to inspire your next project:

Floating Vanity:

Sleek and Modern: The floated vanity beams that are mounted on the wall without any posts and plinths suits very well into the design of modern bathrooms.

Space-Saving: For an interior space that is not as wide as you want or have already allocated to the bathroom or the powder room, floating vanities come in handy. They give you the needed space by lack of any leg or base to worry about.

Storage Solutions: Those floating vanities have the same thing in common with their built-in counterparts just one thing- they seem simple from the outside, but inside you can still find drawers, shelves or built-in cabinets.

2. Double Sink Vanity:

Shared Space: Tubs with double sinks are especially good for couples and/or families who use the bathroom together in a rush, as it affords each person the independence of having their own sink/vanity unit.

Symmetrical Design: Having double width sink vanity is a nice and balanced way to achieve a symmetrical look for a larger bathroom, which is both a “base” in the space and a “highlight” in the room.

Customization Options: Double sink vanities offer multiple configurations such as side-by-side sinks, offset sinks and semi-integrated counter top sink as your personal preferences call for.

3. Antique Vanity:

Timeless Charm: Antiquing vanities gives your bathroom personality and comfort that come from rustic designs and natural old dimension.

Unique Details: Identify vintage vanities that possess intricate carvings, unique hardware or wonderfully, decorative accessories to lend a touch of vintage charm in your bathroom.

Repurposed Finds: Curate the thrill of imperfection by reviving a flea market dresser, chest, or console table as a unique one-off vanity to give your bathroom a touch of funky charm and imperfect beauty.

4. Open Shelf Vanity:

Airy and Open: Open shelf cupboards are suitable for small bathrooms where walls are too tightly spaced to set up the cabinet that will hide half of the inside bathroom space. They make the area look bigger and brighter.

Display Opportunities: Identify your preferred bathroom necessities like bath linens, decor items, or grooming essentials and arrange them asymmetrically on your open shelves that too in a way that they look immaculate for quick access and aesthetic purposes.

Minimalist Design: Open shelf vanities, the epitome of minimalism, feature clean lines and uncluttered surfaces to go with the airy and aesthetic feel. They can be either functional or just aesthetically pleasing.

Customized Vanity:

  • Tailored to Your Needs: Custom vanities allow you to design a personalized storage solution that meets your specific needs and preferences.
  • Endless Possibilities: From custom sizes and configurations to choice of materials, finishes, and hardware, the options for customization are virtually limitless.
  • Maximized Storage: Work with a professional designer or cabinetmaker to create a vanity that maximizes storage capacity and optimizes organization for a clutter-free bathroom.

Conclusion: When it comes to bathroom vanity design, there's no shortage of options to suit every style, space, and budget. Whether you prefer the sleek simplicity of a floating vanity, the classic elegance of an antique piece, or the customized functionality of a tailor-made design, the key is to choose a vanity that reflects your personal taste and enhances the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

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