5 Splendid Instruction For Decorating Your House With Color


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A simple yet effective approach to injecting individuality, decor, and energy into your house is painting with colors of your choice. Maybe you are more into mixing vibrant and bold colors or using a lighter palette, adding colors definitely will change the appearance. It might seem overwhelming if you want to add color to your living space but don't know what you are picky of. Here are five foolproof tips to help you bring color into your home with confidence:Here are five foolproof tips to help you bring color into your home with confidence:

1. Start Small With Accessories:1. Start Small With Accessories:

If you have no clue how to work with different colors, then start from little things, like small decor pieces such as pillowcases, rugs, wall art, and decorative accents. Such items will allow you to make a draws to your space which is exciting without being fully committed to one color palate. Try using different color and textures to see what feelings they conjure and how they blend with your personal style.

2. Embrace Accent Walls:

A lone accent wall is a widely used approach when it comes to the harmonious combination of both color and space for gracefully adding drama to a room. Select a wall you are going to make prominent and it is with, say, a fireplace, bed, or a large, bulky object, and you can paint it with an bright or contrasting color. This is a subtle detail, but obviously effective in a way that the room will look more elegant just with the addition of the piece of art.

3. Play With Textiles:

Textiles represent one of the best methods of enhancing the color, texture, and pattern of our space with them. Get creative in choosing curtains, drapes, upholstery and bedding which reflect who you are and can add warmth to space. While mixing and combining different kinds of fabric with patterns can be used as a way of increasing the depth and interest of your look.

4. Consider Your Lighting:

While lighting factors in what colors your home will see, the effect which is generated from the lighting makes different shades of colors to our eyes. The filters of artificial lighting may distort the perception of colors while their natural stimulus can make colors lively.

5. Find Inspiration in Nature:5. Find Inspiration in Nature:

We get a wide palette of different colors in our nature, therefore it is one of the source of color inspiration. Get your hint from the nature by applying the earthly tones, botanical rumours, and seasonal hues to your home for your decorations. No matter if it is the blue of ocean that soothes, red, yellow, and green of autumn leaves, or flowers that create another palette, nature provides the chance for you to add color to your home.


When you take these tips to heart, you can be assured that color will play a significant role in shaping a home where you truly feel that you belong and your personality is being showcased. It doesn’t matter if it’s strong and vibrant or light and subdued, placing color into your residential areas can produce some limitless fun. Color is the spice of life. Hence throw caution to the wind, bring on color, and make your house an extension of you.

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