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    Small Bathroom Ideas for Compact Spaces and Shower Rooms

    Clever storage options and smart finishes mean that even the smallest of bathrooms can be stylish as well as practical. Whether you opt for a sleek streamlined look or traditional detailing, there are plenty of ways to pack a punch.

    Looking for small bathroom ideas? A small bathroom can be stylish, practical and, with the right know-how, space-efficient.

    Big bathrooms are a luxury many of us can only dream about – a free-standing bath in the middle of the room, complete with roaring fire and sumptuous armchair is on everyone’s wish list, right? However true that maybe, we think compact bathrooms can be just as gorgeous!

    A small space doesn’t have to look cluttered or cramped when you incorporate a few clever tricks of the trade – your room can soon ooze style and sophistication, even if all you have is a shower room to experiment with.

    A couple of space-saving tips mixed in with a splash of gorgeous accessories and textiles will turn the most modest of bathrooms into an enviable space in minutes. We show you how to create the small bathroom of your dreams.

    1. Be clever with glass

    A walk-in shower with frameless panels looks barely there in this bijou bathroom. The bath is smaller than standard but perfect for kids. White marble for the wall tiles gives the small space a dash of glamour.

    2. Be a shapeshifter

    These hexagonal tiles add interest without overwhelming this small room with the pattern. The owners have used hexagons in the porch and kitchen, too – as a subtle link through the house.

    3. Stay inline

    The old green striped wallpaper was stripped out of this room and replaced with smart tongue-and-groove paneling painted in white and repeated on the bath panel for a streamlined approach. The old carpet was swapped for an industrial-look lino flooring, which is more hygienic and pleasing to the eye.

    4. Use clever paint effects to create an illusion of height

    Paint halfway up a wall to create an illusion of height. By lowering the eye with a darker paint shade you create a distance from the upper portion of the wall. If the wall was all one color the room wouldn’t have as much depth. This clever, yet simple paint trick is a great way to make a small space appear larger than it really is.

    5. Mount your taps to the wall

    Wall-mounted mixer taps work well in compact bathroom designs as the pipework can be hidden without the need for a basin pedestal. You can use that freed-up space to house shelving or a laundry basket.


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