Privacy and Policy

EA Home Design owns this site, and we are the sole operator of this platform. We always give value to our client’s data privacy. That is why we have created this page to disclose the statement on privacy. You will learn how we collect your data and use it for some genuine purposes.

Data we track

EA Home gathers 2 types of data

  • Information you provide voluntarily– When you send an email and fill out a form, we gather data. We never share and sell the details.
  • Information we have collected by analyzing the visitors’ activities– This data does not enable us to identify users. However, it lets us understand the performance of the website. Based on this data, we need to make some refinements to the website. Our goal is to make this website easy to use. Thus, tracking these details makes our website better.

Cookies on our website

We can place a file (known as a cookie) in your web browser. These cookies do not have personal details. But it enables our team to detect how you use our website. Most importantly, cookies are unable to interpret data on your hard disk. They cannot access cookie files developed by other websites. Cookies are useful for tracking user traffic patterns.

You may decline our cookies by deactivating them in your web browser. In case you have chosen a setting to alert you before accepting web cookies, you will find a message. You will not need to turn on the cookies to use this website. When the cookies are deactivated, you may not be able to use some parts of the site.

How does our company use your information?

We voluntarily use the data for the purposes you have submitted it. Our team will not violate the laws, and our company never sends unwanted emails. Furthermore, we use the tracking data to identify the web pages that are preferable to our users. We can check the website pages that do not gather attention based on the traffic level. Moreover, we can easily understand how every page performs.

By analyzing the usage patterns, our technicians will renovate our website. Our company also tracks different search terms used by our potential customers through search engines. However, we never do it to identify users. Our aim is to make our website easily accessible to our target audience.

Our company ensures that we never disclose any user details to third parties. However, we need to comply with laws and maintain a valid legal process. That is why we will reveal some important and relevant data as a part of our legal obligation.

In some cases, we need to share your data with our trusted business partners and agents who provide payment processing and mail processing services. You do not need to be concerned about any illegal use of your data.

How do we secure your data?

We have implemented managerial, electronic, and physical processes to safeguard your data and avoid unauthorized access. Our team maintains the security of your data by using the latest technology for our website. Although we try to protect your personal details, we do not warrant 100% security.

EA Home Design has no liability for disclosure of data because of third-party intervention and errors in data transmission. We never share your passwords with any person.

Links to other sites

Some parts of our website contain links to third parties. You can click on these links at your own risk. We will not be liable for losing data for hitting those links.

Read our page on Privacy Policy regularly, as we may modify any policies without prior notice.

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