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Ali Meshksar


7 Small Changes That Make a Huge Difference for Your Kitchen

Creating a kitchen that pops doesn’t have to be a sophisticated process. Over the years, you have probably been made to believe that a colorful kitchen can only come out of ‘major’ kitchen remodeling activities. Well, it is not always the case. Sometimes, all your kitchen needs is just a little change. In this post, we will explore some of the small changes you can make to ensure your kitchen looks great. Upgrading cabinet handles Many homeowners underestimate the essence of cabinet. Simply changing the look of your cabinet handles can give your kitchen a new look. Pick up some ideas like antique handles, brightly colored handles or mismatched handles. You can also go crazy and choose to have cabinets with ho handles! Carried out in the right way, such steps can work perfectly in spicing up the look of your kitchen. The power of ceiling The ceiling is always a neglected part of the kitchen. Many people are yet to realize how great the color and texture of your ceiling can change a kitchen. Simply move away from the plain white ceiling color and embrace an accent hue. You can also adopt the other idea of painting a medallion. It aims at drawing attention to the right places. Upgrade your windows It is so easy to settle for ordinary windows, everyone else does that any way. You can make your kitchen look more spacious and lively by simply changing the window designs. Paned windows and colored glasses are turning out to be perfect choices of design for most homeowners. Allow more light into the room and transform the appearance of your cooking space by altering the window coverings. Fine Painting Job For those who love the color blue, you can make your kitchen different from those of your neighbors and friends. You probably spend more time in the kitchen so make this space count by welcoming different shades of blue. Think of deep marine for kitchen accents, cobalt for cabinets and robin’s egg blue for stools. You can also go ahead and paint the island in a blue shade that suits you. Incorporate open shelving Sometimes, you don’t need to redo the entire cabinet to make it look sleeks. Simply embrace the idea of open shelving. Open shelving has the tendency of reducing visual weight, making the limited kitchen space look more expansive. For a better, modified look, you can try a floating shelve as opposed to the normal models with brackets. Winnow down Sometime, all you need to do is change positions. Instead of cluttering the shelves and cabinets with unnecessary accessories, you can focus in fee standouts and hide the rest of the items away. Let the antique glasses take the center stages as you look for better spaces for other kitchen accessories. Let there be splashy lighting Beaming your kitchen with glorious doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a tooth. You can simply bring in some unique lighting fixtures and make your kitchen appear lovely. Think of under-cabinet and sink lighting fixtures. If carried out perfectly, these changes will do your kitchen great visual justice.

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