Pink lounge concepts – to make a sense of romance, sophistication and fun

Think pink is simply for small girls? think again! From soft blush pastels to upbeat corals and richer tones of raspberry, fuchsia and cerise, these versatile shades look nice within the lounge

The time has returned to assume pink – or rethink pink, anyway. Once the preserve of girls’ bedrooms and sleeping room look, pink is currently the colours du jour for any space. These pink lounge concepts have it all covered!

Use the proper shade and it’ll build any space look recent, fashionable and extremely very grown-up. Banish all thoughts of pink velours tracksuits – we’re not talking chav, however subtle and attractive.

Less is more, therefore assume flower petal pinks as an accent and use no more than three tonal shades in your palette. Use white because of the base. It’s the colour that generates any pink to its best advantage and alternative colours are exhausting to combine with floral leaf tones while not trying garish. most significantly, don’t forget to possess fun together with your choice. Here is our choice of the simplest pink living room concepts.

  1. Let nature in

Give your feature wall a lick of pink paint. flip this flexible colour waiting around by paint walls rose pink, then accessorial furnishings, flooring and soft furnishings during a mixture of natural, earthy tones.

  1. Build pink a focus

Create a complicated theme with a sublime colour combination of tea rose and soft putty. Set a romantic mood by painting walls in an exceedingly warm shade of mushroom grey, then team sensible upholstery in tea-rose pink with sisal flooring to make a classic look. Cheat amount character by fixing ornate corbels to a basic floating shelf and add a touch of old fashioned glamour with a chest of drawers in shimmering mother-of-pearl. up to date aspect tables, copper accessories and an announcement mirror can offer the theme a contemporary edge.

  1. Attempt a balancing act

Balance powder pink walls with an equal quantity of sentimental white and touches of heat neutrals – sand, stone, caramel. Powder pink may be a cool colour, therefore natural wood warms it up. we propose together with many textures with linens, woven accessories and ceramics for a contemporary feel that won’t date.

  1. Cosy up with a blossom pink

The modern country thanks to work this trend is to combine blossom pink with taupe, giving it a grown-up edge. Avoid high-impact pink florals and opt for transparent styles, soft graphic leaf shapes or light rustic block prints on curtains and wallpapers. Add character to the front room with an announcement couch that courageously mixes the colour palette. Complement with sonsy wood furnishings designs in pastel-painted or -washed finishes and soft furnishings with classic shapes.

  1. Pretty up with hot pink

Subtle white-grey walls and hits of wood and metal are fitting foils for vivid and blush pink accents. A wall of storage with cubbyhole-style shelving creates a motivating focus during this symmetrical theme. choose a dark raspberry, a mid-toned bubblegum pink and a light-weight blossom tone and use them behind alcove shelves. Leave a giant gap between every shelf, therefore, you’ll show giant frames and pretty trinkets. stop working the planning by selecting one factor which will tie everything along. during this area, the paints and accessories are matched to the couch.

  1. Combine pinks with deep orange

If you don’t wish to travel pink-all-over, why not attempting spicing up your front room by teaming hot pink with a vivacious orange hue? happen the warmth with this fearless couple of dazzling brights. Balance giant areas of intense hot pink with accents of zesty orange, then add furnishings and accessories in pure white to bring a wash of calm to a daring theme. Layer cushions two or three deep to re-create the smart-casual feel of Miami store hotels, and blend in graphic prints for supplemental impact.

  1. Keep your pink tones subdued

If hot pink is just too punchy for you, why not strive a powder pink? Don’t think about it as pink, it’s extremely a neutral – a barely-there flush that provides a space with a layer of colour and blends in instead of contrasts. Use it to add quiet sophistication and a recent hint of beauty that’ll upgrade any look, from straightforward country to upmarket glamour.

  1. Use pink as a background to natural wood

For a light and spacious feel, pale neutrals are your best friend. strive soft pink on the walls with touches of taupe and cream. For an efficient theme, build a network of storage combining shelves, drawers and cubbies. Paint sections completely different colours to interrupt up the expanse of wood.


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