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Modern Kitchen Design Ideas 2017

Undeniably, kitchens are the hearts of today’s homes. Every homeowner would admit that. Your kitchen, therefore, deserves your best. While most people carry out kitchen renovations to improve the value of their homes, even homeowners who aren’t planning to sell their homes have reasons to renovate their kitchens. To bring your kitchen to the 21st century, you need insightful kitchen design ideas. Multifunctional kitchen furniture It can as well be said to be one of the most convenient and popular kitchen design trends in 2017. For small apartments and homes, you need space saving furniture right inside your kitchen. Retractable and folding features in kitchen furniture make small kitchen design to be neat and impeccable. The current designs for kitchen backsplashes feature special stands for smartphones and tablets. Feel free to bring high tech vibe right inside your kitchen by investing in furniture with additional storage spaces and outlets. Glass and metal decorations Glass surfaces seem to have taken the kitchen renovation world by a huge storm. They are impressive. As opposed to traditional wooden cabinets, the entry of glass ushers in light into kitchen interiors. They provide irresistible designs to the eye. If you want to create an airy feel right inside your kitchen, it would be wise investing in tempered frosted glass surfaces. Blending this look with metal pendant lamps will bring a touch of freshness and elegance to your home. Fresh colors for sinks Just like the cabinets and walls, sinks are shifting from the predominant white into bolder colors. It is no longer stainless steel or white. For a neutral kitchen, nothing adds vitality than a brightly colored sink. You can even decide to make this the focal point of your lovely kitchen by adopting a similar hue for your backsplash. Ideally, the modern kitchen is trending away from the white-on-white style. Homeowners are getting bolder by trying in newer colors. Commercial Flair Today’s homeowner is turning his residential space into a commercial affair. Commercial kitchen design focuses more on functionality than looks. If you want to make your kitchen space more useful, adopt this design. Choose different materials for the island topper, backsplash, and kitchen countertops. Different choice of engineered stones would be great. Ideally, kitchen are moving away from the simplistic cooking spaces they used to be, and nothing seems to shout that louder than commercial flair kitchen designs. Timeless aesthetics While change is imminent, certain universal trends remain irresistible. It might not be all white across the kitchen, but this bright color is still a darling amongst many homeowners who want to make their kitchens welcoming. Blending in stainless steel appliances and glass backsplash makes the design even more tempting. Are you renovating your kitchen in the next couple of weeks? Nothing could sound better. With so many designs to choose from, this is a big opportunity. The power to make your kitchen space unique, sophisticated and elegant lie in your hands. You can decide to blend your kitchen with various designs, as you deem appropriate.

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