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Maximalism: More is More in 2024’s Decor Trends


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As we progress through 2024, interior design is witnessing a bold shift towards maximalism, a style that defies the 'less is more' mantra of minimalism. This trend celebrates abundance and extravagance, encouraging a fearless approach to home decor. Maximalism is about embracing richness in patterns, textures, colors, and objects, creating spaces that are vibrant, personal, and full of character. Let’s dive into the details of this exuberant trend and how it’s making its mark in 2024’s decor scene.

Embracing Bold Patterns and Colors

Maximalism thrives on the use of bold, vibrant patterns and colors. Think big floral prints, striking geometric patterns, and rich, saturated colors. These are often mixed and matched in a seemingly effortless yet intentional way, creating spaces that are dynamic and visually stimulating.

Layering Textures and Fabrics

Texture plays a significant role in maximalist decor. The trend encourages layering a variety of textures - velvet, silk, fur, or woven fabrics, to name a few. This approach adds depth and interest to interiors, making them feel warm and inviting.

A Focus on Eclectic Collections

Maximalism allows for the display of eclectic collections, personal treasures, and art. It’s about showcasing your personality and experiences through decor. Gallery walls, shelves filled with knick-knacks, and rooms that tell a story are central to this trend.

Statement Furniture and Decor

In maximalist interiors, furniture and decor pieces often make a statement. Oversized lamps, bold furniture pieces, and unique decorative objects are used not just for their functionality but as expressions of style and individuality.

Rich and Dramatic Color Palettes

Maximalist decor isn’t shy about using dark, dramatic color palettes. Deep blues, greens, and purples, often used as wall colors or in large furniture pieces, serve as a perfect backdrop for brighter, more vibrant accents.

Playful and Artistic Elements

Art plays a crucial role in maximalism. This could be in the form of large-scale paintings, sculptures, or a mix of various artistic pieces. The aim is to create spaces that feel like living art galleries, full of inspiration and creativity.

Mixing Eras and Styles

Maximalism is inherently eclectic, often mixing elements from different eras and styles. Vintage pieces are paired with contemporary art, antique furniture is set against modern wallpaper – it’s a fusion that creates a unique and timeless feel.

Emphasis on Luxurious Details

Details in maximalist decor are often luxurious and ornate. Gold accents, intricate patterns, and richly upholstered furniture are common. These elements add a touch of luxury and opulence to spaces.


Maximalism in 2024 is about celebrating abundance in interior design. It’s a response to the minimalist trend, offering an alternative that is lively, personal, and rich in visual interest. This trend invites us to express ourselves boldly through our living spaces, creating environments that are not just homes but reflections of our complex, colorful lives.

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