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Making an Entrance: Doors & Entryways That Make a Statement

Making an Entrance: Doors & Entryways That Make a Statement The entrance to your home isn't just a functional passage; it's a preview of what lies within and a reflection of your personality. A well-designed entryway can leave a lasting impression on guests and elevate the overall appeal of your residence. Dive into this exploration of doors and entryways that don't just invite you in but make a bold statement.

1. Bold Colors & Patterns

Why blend in when you can stand out?
  • Consider a vibrant hue like turquoise or ruby red for your front door.
  • Intricate patterns or murals can also serve as attention-grabbing details.

2. Oversized Doors

Big impressions start with big entrances.
  • Tall, expansive doors can make a grand statement, especially for larger homes or modern designs.
  • Pair with long, vertical handles to emphasize height.

3. Glass and Transparency

Let the light guide your way.
  • Full or partial glass doors can create an open and airy feeling.
  • Frosted or stained glass offers privacy while incorporating artistic elements.

4. Pivoting Doors

Swinging in style.
  • Instead of traditional hinges, pivoting doors rotate around a central point.
  • They offer a contemporary feel and a unique operational experience.

5. Rustic and Reclaimed

The charm of yesteryears, today.
  • Reclaimed wood or barn-style doors add a touch of rustic charm.
  • Pair with wrought iron details or vintage handles for authenticity.

6. Symmetry & Sidelights

Balanced beauty beckons.
  • Sidelights, or narrow windows flanking the door, enhance width and light.
  • Symmetrical pots or statues on either side of the entrance can also amplify the aesthetic appeal.

7. Ornate Hardware

It’s all in the details.
  • Think of door handles, knockers, and bells as jewelry for your entrance.
  • Brass, bronze, or even matte black fixtures can elevate the entryway’s elegance.

8. Archways & Stonework

A nod to classical architecture.
  • Arch-topped doors or stone-surrounded entrances evoke a sense of history and grandeur.
  • Combine with climbing plants or vines for an enchanting effect.

9. Modern Minimalism

Simplicity speaks volumes.
  • Flat doors with concealed handles or push-to-open mechanisms scream modern chic.
  • Neutral colors like gray, black, or white complement the minimalist approach.

10. Seasonal Decor

Keep things fresh and festive.
  • Adorn your entrance with wreaths, lanterns, or decor that aligns with the seasons or holidays.
  • Such ever-changing elements keep your entryway dynamic and delightful.


Doors and entryways are like the book covers of homes. They provide a hint about the story inside and set the mood for what's to come. By investing in a design that resonates with your home's character and your personal style, you're bound to create an entrance that's memorable for all who pass through.  

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