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Ali Meshksar


Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas 2017

Your bathroom deserves to be more than just a small space for taking a quick shower early in the morning. It is part of your greatest investment, your home. Have you considered remodeling your bathroom in 2017? You can choose to sway with the rest or make it different. The modern homeowner goes for the luxurious bathroom; you have every reason not to be left out. So what are some of the trends worth checking for any luxurious bathroom design in 2017? Pink in the Shades There is something about pink and luxury, especially when it’s blended inside the bathroom. You can indulge in pink towels or pink cabinets. The ideal combination of pink window frames and paints gives the bathroom a luxurious feel. It is a feminine look, we know. However, the desirable effect it has in your bathing space goes far beyond your wildest imaginations. Metal Trends Most bathrooms tend to exhibit the common porcelain materials, from the bathtub to the sinks. In 2017, you can step out of the norm and grace your bathing room with elegant metal trends. From brass to fine gold and silver, you have so much to choose from when it comes to bathroom finishes. Make your bathroom more luxurious and extraordinary by opting for platinum faucets. Get bold with cabinet knobs bearing brush steel finish. There is also that temptation of going for the metal interior wall; don’t put it off. Stony and Mineral Bathroom In the past, precious stones and minerals have been used as decorative elements in the bathroom. In 2017, you can step a little further and go bold with stony functional items. For instance, you can opt for a luxurious polished stone sink as opposed to the common porcelain version. Even more, you can embrace the idea of a stone bench at the corner of the bathroom. Try to figure out a mineral covered stool close to the bath; it is amazing and extraordinary. With an extended bathroom budget, you can be more daring to bring in a luxurious marble tub! Go Green Green Bathrooms tend made a stab in 2016. In 2017, you shouldn’t expect anything less, especially for luxurious bathroom models. Do you want your bathroom to look classier and more luxurious in 2017? Then going green is a must! Several green plants can blend well with modern bathroom designs. You can go a little step further by opting for full green features including green walls. If you are spoilt for choices, we can figure it out for you at EA Home Design! Think Custom All said it is important to remember that nothing seems more luxurious than going personal. You need a bathroom design that reveals more about you including the deepest passions. What colors mean so much to you? Which materials do you have special attachments to? Strive to be original and let your bathroom reflect you. After all, your bathroom is the most private place in your house, besides the bedroom so don’t go slow on making it the dream space!

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