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    Kitchen trends 2020 – the latest designs

    From cool colors to cabinetry, these latest kitchen designs are all ahead of the curve.

     We talked to the trend experts to seek out what kitchen trends are big in 2020.

    With cool new kitchen brands shooting up and plenty of innovative design ideas on display in kitchen showrooms across the country, there are lots of on-trend looks and state-of-the-art appliances to select from.

    Kitchen trends 2020 these latest designs are prior the curve From cool colours to cabinetry, these latest kitchen designs are all ahead of the curve.

    1. STONE AGE

     It’s the time of strongly veined marble, the busier the better for unmissable luxury and next-level style. If there’s one thing that’s storming the design charts and shaking up interiors, it’s the return of marble. 

    1. ASH BACK 

    Out of fashion for a while, wood is now enjoying a bit of a revival. Use subtle-grained ash, paler than oak or walnut, to select out the nice and cozy tones in manmade stone. 


    Often overlooked as purely an ‘accent’ color, black walls, cabinetry, and work surfaces are having something of an instant. Black becomes livable, luxe and welcoming, with textured woods adding rustic, homely charm.

    1. COLOUR POP 

    Throw the rulebook out of the window in favor of unexpected paint-color pairings. Kitchens are rife with color opportunities, from appliances and flooring, to window treatments and cabinets. Start by deciding what quantity of permanent commitment you’re willing to create. one in all easiest and least expensive options is to color a wall are often easily updated do you have to tire of it. Choosing a colour is such a private experience of course, nobody knows evidently whether we all even see the myriad shades within the same way.


    With the move towards larger kitchens, in open-plan spaces, the kitchen island has become a vital kitchen feature. A pair of island units has become the last work in luxury, an expansive addition for when space isn’t any object. 


     The latest contemporary designs are all a couple of multi-tasking, free-flowing design with a paired-back look. Technological advances in push-open and shut doors implies that it’s become possible to dispense with handles in both wall and base cabinets. If you like not to have push-open cupboards, then recessed handles provide the identical sleek look and may be lined with contrasting colors and materials to feature interest.


    Larder cupboards, sometimes called pantry cupboards, have been kitchen staples for hundreds of years and, within the previous few years, have established themselves jointly of the must-have items in modern homes. 


    We have recently seen an increase in walnut cabinetry. It’s rich, dark color, fine grain, and natural warmth are prized by makers for its feeling of instant luxury. 


     Now that taps are available in an exceedingly wide choice of colors and finishes, sinks are following, too. Aesthetics have made an effect in wet areas even as they need in furniture and appliance design, with color, shape, size, and material heavily influenced by the general look of the space. 


     As pride in interior styling takes center stage, we’ve witnessed a rise in sales of glazed cupboards and opening shelving, following a growing demand for kitchens designed for a ‘curated’ look. Thoughtfully designed, these visual spaces are carefully styles with artworks, decorative ceramics, cookery books, and other curiosities, to attain an instant lived-in look adding personality and leading to an area that feels homely.



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