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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For 2017

For those who gave their kitchens a deserving facelift, 2016 was a captivating year. If you did not manage to grant your kitchen a new look, 2017 present you with another opportunity. In this New Year, however, things must be done differently. After trawling the internet and speaking to key different kitchen experts, we have come up with incredible ideas that shouldn’t miss in your kitchen remodeling project 2017. The Kitchen-Living Space Integration Ideally, modern kitchens are no longer the small, insignificant places where meals are prepared. Over the years, kitchens have grown to be entertainment, relaxation, dining and even working spaces. In 2017, the best you can do is connecting the kitchen to the living space, even more. Recently, design elements like TV and home offices have been finding themselves inside the kitchens. For a new kitchen outlook in 2017, involve your kitchen designer to help you find out the most adorable ways in which you can integrate kitchen and the living space. For those renovating or building their kitchen in 2017, strive to make your kitchen more than a boring cooking space for family meals. Smart Kitchens There has been a rising popularity of smart kitchen appliances. In 2017, you shouldn’t expect anything different. For a revamped look, consider having your kitchen appliances with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. The least you can do this year is linking your kitchen appliances with smartphones and other devices. This way, you can be able to switch on the coffee machine while still in bed. Even more, you can start cooking dinner by simply turning on the oven while still at work! Doesn’t that sound thrilling enough? Eventually, you need a remodeling procedure that not only gives your kitchen an attractive look but also eases daily operations. Welcome Hideaway Elements The increasing popularity of kitchen-living space integration has fostered the rise of hideaway elements in the kitchen. As kitchens are being used for more than just cooking and eating, additions like sliding and pocket doors are becoming more popular. This not only makes the kitchen design trendy but also saves you space. This way, the elements are only revealed when there is a need Otherwise, the kitchen will be free to be used as a social room when cooking is not going on. With insightful ideas from our design experts, we can make this a reality and revamp the look of your kitchen in an awesome way. Think High Spec Appliances Well, 2017 is the year of doing things differently. To give your kitchen a serene look it deserves in 2017; you will need to do more than juts changing the physical aspects of the kitchen. The demand for high-spec appliances in modern kitchens is steadily rising, and you wouldn’t want to be left out. From steam ovens, wine fridges, extraction fans and built-in coffee machines, you need more than just the ordinary appliances to make your kitchen stylish this year. The good news is; you can actually achieve everything you need with the help of reliable EA Home Design kitchen experts!

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