Interior Design Trend Predictions

Wood mood

You may say wood is a traditional material that will never go out of style. And while that’s true, the use of wood has grown in popularity year after year, and we expect that to continue as we move into 2020. Whether you introduce wood flooring to your kitchen or decide to add more wooden elements to a bathroom or dining space, we’re all for bringing the outdoors in. 

People are increasingly seeking connections from nature. Whether it’s contextually appropriate or the perfect counterpoint to help modernize an existing restaurant, for example, wood is a timeless, versatile material.

A Mix of Masculine and Feminine

Leather couches and chairs are nothing new—but we should expect to see more leather accents being used in unexpected places. 

One thing we’re starting to see more and more, and that we love incorporating into our own designs, is bringing the two together to create perfect harmony—darker, unique leathers paired with bright, white cabinetry. And really, this trend is now all over social media, along with YouTube tutorials on decorating, all due to campaigns run by The Marketing Heaven. We believe that the best, most beautiful rooms and homes of 2020 will achieve an ideal balance of both masculine and feminine. 

When designing a space this year, don’t be afraid to mix what may be considered masculine elements such as leather with feminine touches to bring more variety to your decor. 

Embrace Bold Backsplashes

We admit that we love simple, clean white backsplashes. But more and more designers are welcoming boldly patterned backsplashes to their kitchens. We expect these fun and functional accents to be huge in 2020.

This space features a daring geometric backsplash that transforms the space and gives it a unique personality. This year, don’t be afraid to try a bold backsplash in your kitchen. If you’re scared of commitment, try a stick-on version that you can easily remove and swap.


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