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Ideas for Small Kitchen Remodel

It is not a crime to have a small kitchen. Actually, bigger is not always better as far as kitchen design is concerned. Limited kitchen spaces have been known to provide efficient workspaces compared to the larger ones. The same applies to design and glamour. You do not need a spacious kitchen to achieve a glamorous appeal. All you need are essential tips to help you keep this space more functional, highly organized, and very beautiful. We’ve put together a couple of small kitchen ideas that will come handy for anyone looking forward to remodel his tiny cooking space. Brighten up the space Dark rooms tend to feel smaller. For a tiny kitchen, the combination isn’t one of the best. You can brighten up the walls by settling on a fresh coat of paint over the walls. You can also brighten the cabinets by giving them a pale color. If you do not feel like interfering with the rich dark look of your cabinets, some under-cabinet lighting fixtures will do. Additional kitchen brightening techniques include; • Replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives • Bringing in a mirror to the kitchen walls • Adding LED strips lights to shelves Try creative pot racks For smaller kitchens, there is hardly enough space for the large, rectangular pot racks hanging from the ceiling. That doesn’t mean you should eliminate the whole idea of pot racks. Instead, you can have them mounted on the walls. This design not only provides additional storage space but also comes with great décor display. Adopt Cooking Tool Walls Storage Homeowners with small kitchens can also pick some design inspirations from some of the busy restaurant kitchens around. Such stores use industrial walls for storage of utensils. Have a hanging rack for utensils over the walls. Something as simple as a bar with hooks or loops on it will do. You can also embrace the idea of hanging a basket for holding smaller items on such racks. Go ahead and paint a pegboard then have it on the kitchen walls for hanging your tools. Even more, interestingly, you can use wall magnets for storage of spice jars and kitchen knives. Just ensure you keep everything organized by considering color and functionality. Usher in Hideaway Furniture One of the most outstanding aims of remodeling a small kitchen is to enhance its functionality. You can achieve this the easier way by creating multipurpose spaces with furniture that can easily be tucked away. Think of backless bar stools that can be tucked away when not in use. Yet again, you can consider roll out kitchen tables and cabinets. With you, also lies the option of adopting drop down tables and wall mounted cutting boards. It is so interesting what little creativity can do for a small kitchen. Instead of stressing up yourself and admiring the spacious kitchens of the neighbors next door, you can make your own worth talking about, however small it might seem. Simply follow these ideas to the latter. You can also obtain additional small kitchen design inspirations from EA Home Designs experts, simply call.

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