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How to create a huge kitchen-diner – plan the best entertaining area

Turning a kitchen and dining area into one open-plan space? Remodeling professionals from  EA home design offers a recommendation

Are you about to knock down the wall between your room and dining area to make one huge kitchen-diner? Here are some things to think about before you choose up that sledgehammer.

1. Support the new opening

Depending on whether the wall you would like to knock down is load-bearing, you will get to support the new opening by inserting a rolled steel joist. If this can be the case, consult a structural engineer for the recommendation, though the price can rely upon the scale of opening.

2. Install the correct room lighting

Plan your lighting before you begin any work on your new kitchen-diner, so you get the wiring within the right place before it’s too late. The secret's for it to be versatile for your desires. dimmer switches are nice as they’re not overpriced to install.

3. create your kitchen-diner work for you

Don’t get too hung up concerning room work triangles, simply consider however you’ll use the area and what’s best for your lifestyle. keep in mind to admit the look as entire, coordinating colors and textures across the area for a coherent look.

4. Prevent annoying reverberant in a kitchen-diner

It’s simple to underestimate the acoustic issues you'll have in an exceedingly huge area – particularly one with a hard floor. As shortly as you've got over two individuals in there, you regularly can’t hear yourself speak as a result of the reverberant. Wood, rubber or vinyl flooring can do a far better job of absorbing the sound than tiles. Hanging curtains at windows and having carpet or rugs within the area also will soften the acoustics.

5. Get out to the garden

Think about having French windows, as it’s pretty to be ready to step straight out into the garden from the kitchen-diner. It’s usually potential to enlarge an existing window, however, get a professional recommendation first.EA home design is going to help you with all Your beginnings! Good luck!

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