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How to Create a Big Kitchen-Diner – Set Up the Right Entertaining  Area

[caption id="attachment_16024" align="aligncenter" width="800"]  [/caption] Turning a kitchen and dining area into one open-plan space? Property skilled by EA Home design recommendation. Are you progressing to knock down the wall between your kitchen and dining area to create one big kitchen-diner?

  1. Support the new opening
   Depending on whether the wall you would like to knock down is load-bearing, you may need to support the new opening. If this can be the case, consult a structural engineer for a recommendation, though the price can depend upon the size of the opening.
  1. Install the proper kitchen lighting
    Plan your lighting before you start any work on your new kitchen-diner, in order that you get the wiring within the right place before it’s too late. The secret is for it to be flexible for your desires. dimmer switches are nice as they’re not high-ticket to install.
  1. create your kitchen-diner work for you
    Don’t get too hung up regarding kitchen work triangles, simply consider however you’ll use the space and what’s best for your lifestyle. keep in mind to consider the look as entire, coordinating colors and textures across the area for a coherent look.
  1. prevent annoying echoing in a kitchen-diner
   It’s simple to underestimate the acoustic issues you'll have in a very huge space – particularly one with a tough floor. As shortly as you have got quite two people in there, you frequently can’t hear yourself speak because of the echoing. Wood, rubber or vinyl flooring can do a much better job of absorbing the sound than tiles. Hanging curtains at windows and having carpet or rugs within the area also will soften the acoustics.
  1. Get resolute the garden
   Think about having French windows, as it’s beautiful to be able to step straight out into the garden from the kitchen-diner. It’s typically possible to enlarge an existing window, however, get a skilled recommendation first.

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