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The 9 common mistakes to avoid while choosing a new kitchen–

Do not let anything come between you and the kitchen you dream of. A new kitchen is a huge investment for any home but worth it. Looks-wise and versatility, always adding value to your house. Yet one thing you do not want is to forget about the finer details. Also, it is the most obvious thing we just forget when planning a kitchen. Such as where the bins go or how open a refrigerator is.   A kitchen's primary function is cooking and preparing food so it has to be highly functional. Therefore it is important to start the design process at all times by looking at how you use the room when preparing and cooking meals. But who's saying practical can't be awesome? Thanks to the smart design our kitchens can be the house's best-dressed room these days. We have our own ideas but we have asked experts to help us as well. We've compiled a list of nine things between us not to do when planning your dream kitchen.

How should I not do when planning a kitchen

 Forget counter space Planning every inch of useable space is a must. A very common mistake in kitchen design is not including enough counter space to work with. ‘Remember to include enough space to prepare meals, display all your appliances, wash up, and potentially space to eat and socialize if that is how you plan on using the kitchen. Underestimate how much storage you need Plan accordingly and allocate a space for every single thing, from spice jars to cutlery-separating drawers. Although the temptation to keep adding to the list can be great, a clear initial index will keep you on track. By sticking to a clear plan you also avoid the temptation to overcrowd your brand new kitchen.  Neglect ventilation Good ventilation is key for any kitchen, especially one in cooking up delicious dishes day in day out. Cooking, especially on the hob, can leave lingering smells that if not ventilated can drift throughout the home. While the smell of home-cooked food is delicious at the moment, you don’t want the rest of the house to smell and ruin the atmosphere. Let rubbish pile-up It sounds completely obvious but when it comes to the rubbish because it’s the least glamorous part, bins are often overlooked. Given waste is totally unavoidable it should be factored in as a priority, even so given we now require separate recycling, food, and general disposal. The best solution is integrated bins, or at least cupboards to conceal freestanding bins. Hiding not only the presence of waste but also helping to contain odors. Skimp on lighting Like most rooms, it’s important to get the lighting right for the functional use as well as the aesthetic look. Prepping food will require more direct, brighter lighting than that of a dining area within the kitchen. Spotlights concealed under wall cabinets and in the ceiling are still the most popular, practical choice to use throughout. They can be grouped according to tasks, and used with dimmer switches so you can change the atmosphere in an instant. Avoid the experts Often the temptation to DIY is so great that we forget the level of expertise involved in planning any major home project. Especially with the kitchen where complicated wiring, plumbing, and ventilation systems all feature heavily – these are not to be messed with if you don’t know what you’re doing. Leave out plugs and power It sounds so obvious but before you commit to plumbing in all your appliances, think about how you will use your kitchen – with regards to getting the power supplies in the right place. Think about your workflow within the space. Where’s the tea point going to be? Is there another plug to hand, for the toaster. Is the microwave integrated or do you need to allocate worktop space for this bulky appliance? Go over budget Never start a kitchen renovation without a budget and plan in mind. Even if you have the money to splash out, having a set figure and keeping what you need from your renovation in mind can help avoid overspending. Choose a design that will date Kitchens are not cheap to replace, keep this in mind when designing your dream kitchen. You can go as out there with the paint, wallpaper, and accessories, but these can be easily and affordably alternated if desired.  Brightly colored gloss cabinet doors that you can’t paint may seem like a great idea now, but will you love them a few years down the line.

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