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6 Great Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Make Your Space Feel Big

A small kitchen can be frustrating to work in, especially if you love to cook or entertain guests. Fortunately, there are numerous design tricks and remodeling ideas that can help make your small kitchen space feel larger. But of course, with so many to pick from, you might be scratching your head and wondering what to do. Well, scratch no more! Today, we will share with you a couple of great ideas to help make your kitchen feel a lot bigger:

1. Open Up Your Kitchen Layout

One of the most effective ways to make your small kitchen feel larger is to create an open layout. This can be achieved by removing unnecessary walls or barriers, such as upper cabinets or large appliances that block sightlines. By opening up the layout, you'll create a more spacious and inviting environment that encourages social interaction and allows for better movement throughout the space. Some popular open layout ideas include incorporating a kitchen island or peninsula, replacing upper cabinets with open shelving, or opting for a galley-style kitchen with minimal barriers between work areas.

2. Utilize Vertical Space

When working with a small kitchen, it's essential to make the most of every inch of available space. One way to do this is by utilizing your vertical space to its fullest potential. This can be achieved through the use of tall cabinets, open shelving, or hanging pots and pans from ceiling-mounted racks. In addition to providing extra storage, incorporating vertical elements can also help draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of height and making the room feel larger.

3. Choose the Right Color Palette

The colors you choose for your kitchen can greatly impact the perception of space. Light and neutral colors, such as white, light gray, or pale pastels, can make a room feel more open and airy. Alternatively, using darker colors on the lower cabinets and lighter colors on the upper cabinets can create a visual separation that makes the room feel taller. When selecting your color palette, also consider the finish of your materials. Glossy finishes can help reflect light and make the space appear larger, while matte finishes can absorb light and make a room feel more enclosed.

4. Incorporate Smart Storage Solutions

Clutter can make a small kitchen feel even smaller, so it's essential to incorporate smart storage solutions that help keep your space organized and functional. Some ideas for maximizing storage in a small kitchen include:
  • Installing pull-out shelves or drawers to make the most of lower cabinet space
  • Utilizing cabinet door storage, such as hanging racks for pots and pans or spice organizers
  • Incorporating a pegboard wall for customizable and flexible storage
  • Using vertical dividers for storing baking sheets, cutting boards, and other flat items

5. Opt For Multifunctional Furniture and Appliances

In a small kitchen, every inch of space matters. That's why it's essential to choose furniture and appliances that serve multiple purposes. For example, a kitchen island can provide additional counter space, storage, and seating all in one. Similarly, consider investing in space-saving appliances, such as a combination microwave and convection oven or a compact dishwasher that can be installed in a lower cabinet.

6. Enhance Natural Light and Add Strategic Lighting

Finally, a well-lit kitchen can greatly impact the perception of space. If possible, enhance the natural light in your kitchen by enlarging windows or adding a skylight. Additionally, be strategic with your artificial lighting. Under-cabinet lighting can brighten up your workspace and make the room feel more open, while pendant lights or recessed lighting can help create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


With these small kitchen remodel ideas, you can transform your limited space into a functional and beautiful area that feels larger than it actually is. By opening up your layout, utilizing vertical space, choosing the right color palette, incorporating smart storage solutions, and more, you can create a kitchen that not only looks great but also works well for your needs. EA Home Design provides home remodeling services, including bathroom and kitchen renovations, in Northern Virginia. If you are looking for kitchen remodeling help, contact us right away to bring your dream kitchen to reality!

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