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Ali Meshksar


Giving your Bathroom the Modern Look

When you finally decide to give your home a complete makeover, your bathroom should not be left out. For most of us, the bathroom is a personal space, something beyond a common showering room. So much has changed over the years, and bathing rooms are no longer the plain showering blocks we used to have. With each growing day, many homeowners are embracing modern bathroom designs. Besides ushering you into a luxurious space, upgrading your bathroom to suit the modern designs also escalates the value of your home. So what are some of the ideas worth considering when adopting these new changes? Think of blending soothing colors The magic power of blending colorful paints doesn’t have to stop in the living room or guests room. You can extend it right inside the bathroom. For a calm vibe addition, you can consider a blend of green and blue colors. Would you like to achieve the effect of additional space in your bathing room? Consider brighter colors like orange and cream. They never disappoint. The color blends should not only be reflected in the wall paintings but also the floor tiles. Opt for unique showers and bathtubs Many homeowners would admit having standard showers in their bathrooms. There is nothing wrong with that. At times, however, you need to slip out of the norm and usher in new realizations. Maybe all you need to do is switch to unique showers and bathtubs. What does it sound like going for steam showers, double showers, and whirlpool bathtubs? Do you think it is necessary making your bathroom more than just a simple shower space? You can finalize the blend with a touch of handled showerhead. You can always do better than just giving your showering space an ordinary look. Decide to make it different and stop at nothing in achieving that. Consider Peculiar Countertops Only limited people take closer considerations when it comes to counter top selections. To most people, countertops are unnecessary additions without any special attachments to them. It might not have occurred to you that the choice of countertops might make the difference between ordinary and exclusive countertops. Where necessary, it is ideal going for unique selections including porcelain tiles, granite composite, and ceramic countertops. Make your bathroom remodeling efforts count by opting for something that will make your bathroom not only admirable but also unique. Let the sinks shout it You might not have taken closer considerations when choosing your sink in the last bathroom design project you assigned. Although we make selection of materials an essential component of our design procedure, not so many people are keen when it comes to making sink choices. A fair percentage of people would simply pick the common pedestal sinks without giving second thoughts. However, you can always break away from the cocoon of ordinaries by choosing a vessel sink instead. Going for marble and glass varieties make you different. At the end of the day, the kind of sink you choose reveals something about you. Let it not send the wrong signals!

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