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From Drab to Fab, Take Your Kitchen Remodeling to New Levels

When you first buy your home, the kitchen you get is mostly designed with an old concept. It still has room to improve and reach its full potential. Here's where kitchen renovations and remodeling take place. With the right experts working in your kitchen, you'll have no problem transforming it into something entirely new! At EA Home Design, we got the professionals that you need who will help you renovate your kitchen and bring in all the improvements and upgrades that will make your kitchen beautiful. Our experts honor themselves in looking for fine details in every room.

Top Class Renovation From top to bottom, our team works with your ideas in your home and transforms your kitchen according to your tastes! From cabinetry to flooring, we got it all covered, all you have to do is call us and book your appointment! Our services offer complete renovations that start from demolition to building a completely new kitchen. You can also call us to change some parts of the kitchen and make an impactful transformation. We offer all modification services for your kitchen remodeling that include:

·        Flooring

From walls to flooring, we have many design ideas. Whether you want porcelain tiles or hardwood floors, we have all the options available for you. Based on your choice, our team performs all parts of the installation. Beginning with prepping the old floor to installing the new ones and then finishing it off with the right polish or stain.

·        Cabinetry

The most demanded option from our clients is custom-made cabinetry. Our focus is on quality and design. With years of experience in the field, we look at the design ideas you provide, and then, considering your budget, we endeavor to provide you with the best quality cabinetry according to your plan that comprises high-quality customized cabinets with expert styles and professional finishes that meet all your kitchen expectations!

·        Appliance Installation A smart home is a perfect home. Installing modern appliances in your home will not only upgrade it, but it will also make your work easier. Most old appliances are larger than you need them to be which not only makes your overall kitchen look old but also takes up extra space that you can turn into storage, resulting in making your kitchen look smaller than it really is. Our team is expert at giving the right advice when it comes to making your home smart with the right appliances. Therefore, if you want the right guidance in turning your home beautiful, contact EA home design today!

·        Increasing Storage Space

Most people look to renovate their kitchen mostly due to scarce space. Sometimes it’s the kitchen layout that’s making the kitchen look smaller, sometimes, it’s the size of all design elements that are coming in the way, so, if you want to fix that, take some ideas from us and make some well-deserved ample space in your kitchen.

Wrapping up

With the right team at task, you can have the best renovations. Therefore, if you want to go for renovations, these are the tips that you need!

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