Elevate Your Bathroom: 7 Benefits of a Floating Vanity


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Bathrooms are often overlooked in home design and decor, but investing in a stylish and functional bathroom can significantly enhance your daily routine and the overall value of your home. One increasingly popular bathroom feature is the floating vanity.  Custom floating vanity units are mounted directly to the wall, giving the illusion of "floating" above the floor. With a variety of designs, sizes, and materials available, it's easy to find a floating wall vanity that matches your unique style and needs.  In this article, we'll explore the numerous benefits of adding a floating vanity with drawers to your bathroom.

Maximizing Floor Space

One major advantage of installing a floating vanity is the increased floor space it provides. A floating vanity can make your bathroom appear larger and more open by eliminating the need for legs or a base.  This added space is particularly beneficial in small bathrooms, where every inch counts. Additionally, the open space underneath the vanity allows for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Increased Storage Options

A floating vanity with drawers offers ample storage space for all your bathroom essentials. With customizable drawer configurations, you can create a storage system that works best for you.  This helps to keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free, which is essential for creating a serene, spa-like atmosphere. Plus, the elevated design of a floating vanity allows adding extra storage solutions, such as shelves or baskets, underneath the unit.

Customizable Design

When selecting a custom floating vanity, you have the freedom to choose the exact size, style, and material that suits your bathroom. This means you can create a truly unique and personalized space that reflects your taste and preferences.  Whether you prefer a sleek, modern design or a more traditional, classic look, there's a floating vanity out there to match your style. Furthermore, the wall-mounted design allows for flexibility in choosing the height of your vanity, ensuring the perfect fit and optimal ergonomics for all users.

Enhanced Accessibility

Floating vanities are an excellent option for individuals with mobility limitations or those who use a wheelchair. The absence of a base allows for more accessible storage and easier maneuverability around the bathroom.  What’s more, with the ability to set the height of your vanity, you can ensure that it is at a comfortable level for all users, regardless of their height or mobility needs.

Increased Durability and Easy Installation

Floating vanities are built with durability in mind. The wall-mounted design provides extra support and reinforcement, ensuring your vanity can withstand daily use without issue.  Moreover, many custom floating vanity units are designed for easy installation, often featuring pre-drilled holes for plumbing and mounting brackets. This makes the installation process straightforward and stress-free, even for those with limited DIY experience.

Modern and Stylish Aesthetic

Floating vanities are the epitome of modern, minimalist design. Their clean lines and sleek silhouette create an upscale, contemporary look that can instantly elevate the aesthetic of your bathroom.  Whether you're renovating your entire bathroom or simply looking to update your vanity, a floating wall vanity is a chic and stylish choice that's sure to impress.

Increased Home Value

Finally, investing in a custom floating vanity can increase the overall value of your home. A well-designed and functional bathroom is a sought-after feature among homebuyers, and a floating vanity is a trendy and practical addition that can set your bathroom apart from the competition.  By choosing a high-quality, stylish floating vanity with drawers, you not only enhance your daily routine but also make a smart investment in your home's future.


Incorporating a floating vanity into your bathroom design offers numerous benefits. With various customizable options available, you can create the perfect floating wall vanity to suit your unique needs and preferences. Whether you are renovating your existing bathroom or designing a new one, a floating vanity is a versatile and practical choice that will elevate your bathroom's design and functionality for many years. Discover unparalleled coziness and elegance in your home through a renovation by EA Home Design. Our expert team of interior designers in Northern Virginia is committed to turning your remodeling visions into reality. Get in touch with us now, and let's begin crafting your ideal living space!

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