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EA Home Design Kitchen Designer Beats Top Contenders in Fall 2016 Showcase Your Space Remodel Contest

At the beginning of fall 2016, Waypoint Living Spaces held a design contest bringing together its multiple dealers. In a contest registering more than 250 entries, EA Home Design managed to take home the highly coveted award in the kitchen design category. From what the judges shared, the results were based on creativity, details, and authenticity. What could have made EA Home Design bag the award at the expense of the other close rivals? What are some of the lessons a homeowner can take from the outcome? Which small kitchen remodeling ideas can you take from that? Well, it doesn’t have to be spacious to be glamorous or even have enough storage space. What you need is imagination; insightful ideas that will turn your small kitchen space into a cooking haven. Our recent victory in the fall 2016 Waypoint Living Spaces Showcase Your Space remodel contest tells it all. How did we do it? Which other innovative ideas can make your small cooking space a dream kitchen? Fit Cabinets in Unusual Spaces A huge chunk of kitchen remodeling budget seems to go into the cabinets. Ideally, they also tend to take the largest storage spaces. For someone having a small kitchen with limited storage space, what options do you have? You can save immense space by having the cabinetry right under your feet! Have you ever thought of installing small cabinets on the floor? You can achieve this in a trap door style. For those who are not ready to turn their floors into cabinets, you have the option of utilizing the idle corners. Certain cabinets are specifically meant for corners. You can take advantage of that. You might probably be wondering how this will work out. You do not have to stress yourself because our award-winning experts have you covered! We will design and build the cabinets for you! Restructure the Existing Cabinets Another insightful way of remodeling your kitchen for optimum usage is by revamping the existing cabinets. You do not have to think beyond your nose to get this done. You can start with a simple idea like idea shelves within your cabinets. This maximizes the storage spaces therein. Open-ended cabinets are becoming popular with each growing day. Well, you can take advantage of this for additional storage space. Remove unnecessary cabinet doors and let your appliance collections enjoy an amazing free-end view. Are you wondering how you are going to go about this? You don’t have to. We figured out the Showcase Your Space remodel Contest. We will figure out yours too! Explore Your Kitchen Well, making your smaller kitchen everyone’s envy doesn’t have to involve physical changes. At times, you just need to be a little more creative and get the work done! Some of the excellent space savers have come out of the most surprising areas. You can use your dishwasher for more than what it is meant for. It can serve as an extra counter space. You can also think of a roll-out dishwasher that simply fits under the counter! Our award-winning designers can help you figure out all these and much more! Simply make the decisive call; we will be waiting!

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