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EA Home Design Bags Fall 2016 Waypoint Living Spaces Showcase Your Space Remodel Contest Award

Giving your kitchen a modern look is costly; that is what most people say. Well, EA Home Design’s awards in the just concluded Waypoint Living Spaces showcase your space remodel competition might have been a shocker for many people who hold this belief. With a trendy design and affordable home addition ideas, EA Home Design managed to come top in Kitchen Design category. Many people miss it all when it comes to the ideal kitchen look. The best kitchen is one that is functional and reflects its users. It doesn’t have to resemble the high-end design you saw in an interior decor magazine. Our experts understand this concept beyond imagination. That might as well explain why we emerged winners in the fall 2016 Waypoint Living Spaces Showcase Your Space remodel contest. Which ideas inspired our designs? How well can you use them to give your kitchen a deserving face lift? Do Your Research If there is one thing you need to spend before carrying out kitchen remodeling, it is time. The best kitchen ideas come out of quality time investment. Which remodeling options do you have? Which choices excite you? Our professionals are always up to date with the latest kitchen designs. We understand what clients need and even more know what works for individuals homeowners and what doesn’t. For some, we would simply recommend ready designs like the ones featured in our winning competition. For others yet, we will have our experts advise you on how best to customize your kitchen to grant it the appealing look. Go for Quality You don’t need your kitchen to be full for it be glamorous. However, you need quality materials for your kitchen to look trendy and classy. One might not be able to afford the high-end crown molding for their cabinets but choosing the best quality of materials for the money you have is not an option. You have to go for the best material choices if your kitchen is to remain glaring and attractive for long. Think the Island Way Most modern kitchens have islands. Islands look great, especially when designed and built by experienced professional like EA Home Design experts. Worth noting, it might be costly, though. If building an island will strain your financial muscles, you can decide to try freestanding units. They look good and provide additional storage space but at affordable rates. Even more, you can decide to go for a simple table featuring roll-out-shelving units beneath them. Transform the Lighting Many homeowners miss it when it comes to kitchen lighting. They do not appreciate the idea of brightly lit kitchens. If you had no clue, transforming your kitchen could be as easy as investing in the custom kitchen light. Ideally, one of our winning points was the unique light display in our kitchen designs. The kitchen featured in the fall 2016 Waypoint Living Spaces Showcase Your Space remodel contest had ambient lighting. You can achieve a similar transformation with your kitchen. Think of modern lighting inspirations like pot lights, pendant lighting for islands, and under-counter lighting. You wouldn’t be disappointed.

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