Design Your Dream Bathroom by Award Winning Designer in Virginia

Look around your home. Is your bathroom the tiniest room around? Traditionally, bathrooms used to be small shower spaces with tubs and sinks. That is no more. Trends have shifted. Things have changed. If you were to design your dream bathroom, what would it be like? For some homeowners, that might look like a question far-fetched. Isn’t the design engineer supposed to do that work and just show me the final plan? Well, that option exists but as we all know, it is boring, and you are more likely to end up with what someone thinks is best for you. EA Home Design, an award winning home improvement company, has changed the game of bathroom design in Virginia. We giveVirginia homeowners the opportunity of designing their own bathrooms, with the help of reliable professionals. To make the most out of this opportunity, you need inspirations to guide your design.

Functionality First

It might be a small room, but the bathroom is one of the mostly used spaces at home. You cannot even stop to think of a home without a functional bathroom. Everyone will suffer. You need to have that in mind when designing your dream bathroom. Have the essential functions in mind when making decisions on the choice of the toilet, bathtub, sink, and other bathroom fixtures. If the bathroom is where you apply your make-up and prepare for the day, lots of walk-around and storage space will be necessary.

Comfort is key

Of course, everyone wants a multi-functional bathroom, but that’s not all. A bathroom needs to be relaxing and great. You need to feel comfortable every time you step inside your bathroom. Achieving that isn’t all about the accessories you buy for this room, it starts with the design. If you can manage a spa-like space for relaxing and washing off the day’s worries, go for it. Choose a design that works well for your personal comfort and ease.

If you can chip in little luxuries, do not think twice. You can incorporate whatever little luxury you want in your design. With the help of EA Home Design experts, you can go ahead make plans for a seat in the shower. You are also free to do something spectacular like a steam room. At the end of the day, what matters is ultimate comfort achieved in the easiest of ways.

Reflect on your style

Right from the gate, everything within your compound should make you feel at home. The bathroom is no exception. When designing the bathroom, you should factor in the factor of style. What tickles you? Free your mind and think beyond water themes. If there is a style you feel closely attached to, like Asian, you should incorporate it into the design. Every moment in the bathroom should remind you of your personality and the values you hold close to your heart.

Rethink Lighting

If you are one of those people who think of bathroom lighting as last resort options, designing your dream bathroom should change that. Ideal lighting is essential for every bathroom. From the location of the windows to the lighting in sink and shower areas, you need to factor in several factors to ensure your bathroom glows and has the perfect feel. If you love a little glamour, a combination of blue wall paints and blue-shade fluorescent lighting should give your bathroom the desired radiance.

Mix and Match

You don’t want it plain when it comes to bathroom design, trust me. A mix of hard and soft elements is just fine in bringing out the much-needed blend. If you choose to go hard on the surface, then the upholstery pieces, the towels, and even the shower curtains should bring the soft touch. Such combinations help reduce the dominant harshness of common bathroom materials.

Designing your bathroom is possible. It is possible to have a personalized bathroom, one that reminds you of the most important things about yourself. EA Home Design experts give you the opportunity of achieving your dream bathroom the easier. You will work closely with the design engineers; discussing every detail of the design and only approving the final plan when you feel your needs are met. The time is now, get in touch with us today for inspirational designs and an opportunity to craft your own bathroom and have it.


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