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It is so evident; kitchens are no longer the small cooking spaces we used to have in the traditional home. The modern day kitchen is more demanding. The contemporary homes blend with a sophisticated kitchen that not only serves as cooking sanctuaries but also the pride of every mom. Every woman longs for a spacious kitchen with additional storage capacity, unwatchable convenience and a unique taste of elegance. Achieving all these and even more does not have to be as complicated as many people have been made to believe. At EA Home Design, we know every dream is achievable if only we work on it. So how then do you transform your kitchen from an ordinary cooking space to a haven of tranquility? Consider the necessity of cabinet door Let us face it; the kitchen cabinet doors are necessary in protecting our valuable cutlery and utensil collections. However, we must admit that they come with a degree of inconvenience, especially when you want to grab something quickly from the shelves. What then should you do? Only consider cabinet doors where necessary. Otherwise, you can save yourself the inconvenience and create additional storage space leaving the cabinets open. Even more, you wouldn’t want to deny your unique set of Italian utensils the little exposure they need. Display your kitchen collections by leaving the cabinet doors open. If need be, make them transparent and easily accessible. Redo the Knobs and Pulls After sometime, the kitchen knobs and pulls wear out. As part of your remodeling strategies, you should have them replaced. If you had no clue, additions of knobs and pulls serve greater purposes than you might have imagined. They not only grant easy access to the cabinets adds a sense of personalization to your kitchen. You might not have an idea that all your kitchen needs for a redefined look are new cabinet pulls. Rethink about Kitchen Bulbs We find pleasure preparing meals in kitchens with revamped overhead lamps. Opt for larger bulbs without forgetting to keep them white. Such lighting bulbs guarantee shadow free illumination of varied kitchen areas including the sinks, food prep areas and the cabinets. With no under shadows, you will have an easier time preparing dinner for the entire family. Have you ever stopped to think what under cabinet lights can do to your kitchen? At EA Home Design, we understand too well the touch of elegance it adds to this room. If you need an additional compelling mood beyond what the ordinary overhead lights offer, this can be a good addition. Eventually, you might develop a habit of staying in the kitchen longer than you have probably thought. Give the cabinets some Color The power of colorful kitchen cabinets cannot be underestimated when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Shouting colors like orange make the kitchen livelier. You can also opt to pain the kitchen cabinets blue, a more neutral color. Before doing that however, you might want to consider other factors including the color of the kitchen floor and wall paintings.

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